Episode 52: A Sampling of WIPs


Filmed on Sunday, January 28th 2018

Podcast Stuff

  • 2018 Blanket MAL! There’s a thread up on Rav for photos and discussion, so please join us there as you work on blankets.
  • Quilt Along! There’s been some interest in having a quilt along, so I wanted to throw some more ideas out there to get people thinking about it.
    • Time Frame: March 2018 – September 2018 – 6 months
    • Quilt size: smallest side 3 ft/36”/92 cm
    • Quilt top pattern: Half Square Triangles – The entire quilt does not have to be half square triangles, but half square triangles should be a feature. I created a Pinterest board with some cool ideas.
    • Quilting: No rules about the actual quilting! Long arm, machine, by hand, or tie quilting is all welcome.
    • Link HERE to Jacqueline/Brooklyn Knitfolk’s quilt along tutorials
  • New Year Giveaway – Winner is… Post #19 MgoBlue – Paula from Indiana!


Life Stuff

  • New Bed! Full sized bed with a ridiculously fat mattress that’s hard as a rock and supremely comfortable. Ended up getting a great deal with a New Year’s sale and getting a friends and family discount because the sales guy was in the year below me in high school and we were both in band.






  • Weaving Project – Finished strip 5 with hand-dyed yarn from the NYRF warp and Once Upon a Corgi “S.O.R.E.” as the weft – Started strip 6 with hand-dyed yarn by me for the warp and Once Upon a Corgi “Murderer Attempts to Murder Murderer” as the weft
  • Handspun striped sweater – Silver Reed LK 150 – Tramontane by Amy Herzog using her custom fit site – Classic Elite Yarns Mohawk wool and my own handspun out of a corriedale/finn/rambouillet wool from Spinners Hill
  • Free motion quilting practice squares using concepts from Quilting the Grid: Structured Free Motion with Christina Cameli on Craftsy
  • Winter Wall quilt from The Weekend Quilter- all pieces cut!
  • Mystery fleece spin – singles complete!
  • Aurrabesh Sampler from AdLeones on Etsy


New Stuff

  • Once Upon a Corgi Isaac DK “Narnia”
  • Once Upon a Corgi scraps for weaving samples for Gabby’s booth
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics clearance – stag heads, polka dots, Rebels fabric
  • The Quilted Ewe
    • Moda 5” Hope’s Journey 1830-1860 2 charm packs
    • Moda 2.5” Modern Background Ink, Compositions, and Spooky Delight


Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching:

  • The Birch
  • The Greatest Showman
  • The Crown – season 2
  • Rebels

Stuff I’m Listening To:

Stuff I’m Reading:

  • The Last of the Jedi #4 – Death on Naboo by Jude Watson
  • The Last of the Jedi #5 – The Tangled Web by Jude Watson
  • Dreams from the Witch House
  • Masquerade by Harpalyce
    • A redeemed Vader strives to reconcile his past actions while trying to save Luke from the Emperor’s grasp, and helping the Rebel Alliance… And struggles to simply survive. Post-RotJ AU.
    • While the second Death Star is destroyed, Sidious escapes with Luke in custody, who is drugged into compliance and receptive to mind control, and Vader is captured by a faction of rebels, detoxed, prosthetics repaired/improved, healed as much as possible, and let free to make his own choices.
  • Fic Catch Up
    • I Guess I’ll Know When I Get There by Eisoj5
      • AU where the Rogue One crew is integrated into the original trilogy and Bodhi Rook and Luke Skywalker fall in love. The latest chapter has gotten to the end of The Empire Strikes Back and we’re on the cusp of Luke telling Bodhi that he learned that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker and it’s so good.
    • Witness Me series by SLWalker
      • AU where Darth Maul is captured instead of escaping and Obi-Wan and Maul’s tumultuous, strange understanding and developing romantic feelings. The latest pieces of this series are in the Clone Wars now with Maul being assigned the leader of elite commandos called the Blackbirds and it’s pretty fantastic.
    • For the Right Price by ShaeTiann
      • AU where in order to save Qui-Gon from dying in TPM, Obi-Wan uses the Dark Side and is cast out from the Temple. Self-exploration/learning the universe story, now with Obi-Wan uncovering more of what’s going on behind the scenes than he had expected and now with sarcastic droid friend, Deesix!
    • The Dangers of Foresight by DAsObiQuiet
      • After his death, Darth Vader is thrown back in time to make better choices and has to deal with growing up all over again. We’re getting into some major plotting against Sidious now and the longer Anakin tries to hide who he is, the more people find out that he’s a time travelling former-Sith, which is super exciting.



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