YouTube Video Advertisement

This is a free offer to Black people and POC to advertise businesses and creative projects in my monthly videos.

These advertisements will be included as part of the video file to be uploaded to YouTube. An advertisement on my video will also include a post on my Instagram.


  • YouTube
    • 1618 subscribers
    • 60-100 average views per video
  • Instagram

Below are examples of advertisements that can be submitted by email to be added to my videos. If you have any other ideas or questions, please feel free to email me.

  1. Video Advertisement
    • A clip or short video recorded by you to be added into my video file.
  2. Narrated Advertisement
    • A slideshow of promotional images with voice over narration. This narration can be recorded by you or by me, depending on your preferences.
  3. Shout Out
    • A short announcement to be read by me at the start or end of my video