Tutorial: Crochet Basics

Crochet Tools (1:11)
Types of Stitches (4:14)
      Chain Stitch (4:49)
      Slip Stitch (5:48)
      Single Crochet (6:35)
      Half Double Crochet (7:59)
      Double Crochet (8:57)
      Treble Crochet (10:19)
Difference Between US and UK Terms (11:12)
How to Create Stitches (12:29)
      Creating Chain Stitches (12:29)
      Creating Single Crochet Stitches (15:55)
      Creating Half Double Crochet Stitches (28:49)       
      Creating Double Crochet Stitches (36:26)
      Creating Treble Crochet Stitches (44:00)
      Creating Slip Stitches (48:47)
How to Crochet In the Round (Granny Square) (51:57)
Keeping Track of Your Edge Stitches (16:31 24:31 28:49 33:52 35:52 )

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the video on YouTube!

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