Episode 33: Dyeing a Little

Filmed on Sunday 1/29/17

Life Stuff

  • Politics – kejwfbiubvkjbvkueifuGWEBKSFJBIUEFIUBGkJfbdkvuoo
  • Birthday – My birthday was Thursday the 26th and I took that Thursday and Friday off work. Carried on the second annual pancakes and knitting tradition.
  • New craft room? Possible. We’ll see.
  • Snow Day Shawl by Mina Philipp Giveaway! There will be a thread up in the group with a prompt — Describe an ideal snowday. Winner will be drawn next episode in about two weeks.
  • Blanket MAL 2017 – Started Jan 1st! There is a chatter/encouragement thread up in the Ravelry group and I’m planning on pulling prizes once a quarter for this MAL. #2017BlanketMAL

Knitting Stuff


  • Cobblestone Socks by Mina Philipp – US 0/2.00 mm DPNs – Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet
  • Rey Striped Socks – Must Stash Yarns “Rey” – US 0/2.0 mm circulars – Susan B Anderson’s heel from Smooth Operator Socks
  • Rainbow Dangling Conversations Shawl – pattern by Mindy Ross – US 2/ 2.75 mm needles 
  • Improvised Hat loosely based off of the Barley hat by Tin Can Knits – Space Cadet Yarns? – uS 4/3.5mm and US 6/4mm

Crochet Stuff


  • Giant Granny Squares – scrap yarn – 25 mm hook
  • Fat DC Throw Blanket – Red Heart acrylic in “Putty” and black acrylic – 25mm hook


  • HDC Scrap Blanket Worsted – US H/8 – 5mm hook

Fiber Stuff

  • Color Adventure With Gabs
    • Red overdye on two skeins of handspun
    • Purple overdye on two skeins of old stash
    • Black overdye on two skeins of handspun
  • “Exploding TARDIS” Classy Squid Fiber Co – Turtle Made Turkish spindle – chain ply
  • Loop “Cherry Pit” singles on Ashford Kiwi 2
  • Brown Cormo sweater spin on Ashford Kiwi 2

New Stuff

  • Chiaogoo Interchangeable Set – US 2/2.75 mm to US 15/10 mm needles
  • Classy Squid Fiber Co
    • Star Fishing batt
    • Intergalactic Spinning Kit
    • Oyster gradient rolags
  • Knit New Haven – Quince and Co – Chickadee
  • Knit Picks – US 0/2 mm needles (DPNs, 32” circs, 40” circs) and 6 skeins of Mighty Stitch Super Bulky in Pomegranate
  • Once Upon a Corgi – ASoUE Club – “His Name is Shirley” Audrey base 80/20 BFL/nylon

Other Stuff

  • Stuff I’m Watching – A Series of Unfortunate Events, Dairyland Knits hosted by Josh, The Sockmatician Podcast hosted by Nathan 
  • Stuff I’m Reading
    • Rereading Ashlesha by Jer Keene – book 1 of the Awaken the Stars series – Amazon and Altered Nature Press alterednaturepress.org
    • Relistening to Kenobi by John Jackson Miller (audio) narr by Jonathan Davis
    • Relistening to Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston (audio) narr by Ashley Eckstein
  • Fanfic Recommendation
    • Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish    
    • SW AU: Timetravel!!
    • After the events of Twilight of the Apprentice (end of Rebels season 2), Ahsoka Tano wakes up back in time and the first person she runs into is 12 year old Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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