Episode 29: KotOR and Crochet

Filming on Sunday 11/27/16

Life Stuff

  • Thanksgiving
  • KotOR – Periscoped KotOR and crochet, might do that occasionally
  • Blanket MAL 2017 – I’m going to be hosting a year-long blanket make-along for 2017. There’s a thread up in the group for prize planning. If anyone has any ideas for prizes that they want to see for the make-along or if anyone thinks that they might want to donate a prize, please go comment in that thread or shoot me a message on Rav. I’m going to be making 1 or 2 big blanket-sized project bags to giveaway and I’ve asked Gabby/Once Upon a Corgi if she’d like to contribute some mini-skeins. I’m aiming to do a random giveaway once a quarter or once every 2 months, depending on the prize pool. It’ll be open to knitting, crochet, quilting, weaving, whatever. WIPs will be welcomed and encouraged. Nothing needs to be finished to qualify for prize drawings. This is just some incentive for us to work on our (many MANY) blankets.

Knitting Stuff


  • Christmas Gift –  Malabrigo Rios Piedras
  • Christmas Gift – Manos del Uruguay
  • Christmas Gift – Berocco Ultra Alpaca

WIPs –

  • Christmas Gifts
  • Afterthought Socks – US 0/2.00 mm – Biscotte Yarns 85/15 Merino/Nylon “Gazania”

Crochet Stuff

  • HDC Scrap Blanket Worsted – US H/8 – 5mm hook
  • Mitered Square Pillow by Marie Segares – US I/5.5 mm hook – scrap acrylic
  • Crochet Pouch/project bag – US G/4.0 mm

Fiber Stuff

  • Mystery fleece spinning on the Ashford Kiwi 2
  • GnomeAcres Destash – SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon and Hilltop Cloud Blue 75/25 BFL/Camel

Sewing Stuff

  • Little bit of work on the Halloween quilt, but not enough to lug the quilt back up here
  • Looking for a men’s long sleeve shirt pattern that’s not a raglan shirt? I have some  jersey fabric in my stash that I’d like to turn into a shirt.

New Stuff

  • Camera stuff – arm, blu-tooth remote, smaller tripod
  • Worsted weight scraps from Angela
  • Legacy Fiber Artz Advent Calendar
  • Mrs. Browns Bags – Scrappy Prints Large Bag
  • Classy Squid Fiber Co – Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Batts – Behind the Rain and Venice
  • Once Upon a Corgi – Mystery SOUE Book #2 – Coconut Cream Cake – Audrey Base
  • Must Stash Yarns – “Jyn Erso”
  • New England Yarn and Spindle Black Friday Sale
    • Plymouth Yarn – DK Merino Superwash in Dark Grey
  • In Sheep’s Clothing – Small Business Saturday Sale
    • Tote Bag
    • Ornament Kit
    • Chanel Feza
    • Plymouth Yarns Encore Tweed 75% acrylic/22% wool/3% rayon in 5854 (Blue) and 6389 (red)
    • Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet 100 90% SW merino/10% nylon color 122

Other Stuff

  • Stuff I’m Watching – finished Luke Cage, Moana
  • Stuff I’m Reading – (tracking on GoodReads)
    • Relistened to Kenobi by John Jackson Miller (audio) narr by Jonathon Davis
    • Rereading Ashlesha by Jer Keene – book 1 of the Awaken the Stars series – Amazon and Altered Nature Press alterednaturepress.org
    • Relistening to SW:TOR Revan by Drew Karpyshyn (audio) narr by Marc Thompson
    • Relistening to SW:TOR Annihilation by Drew Karpyshyn (audio) narr by Marc Thompson
  • Fanfic RecommendationStealing Harry by copperbadge
    • Alternate HP series if Sirius didn’t go to Azkaban and took Harry away from the Dursleys when he was young
    • Unfinished series, but it’s well worth a read. There’s plenty there to go through.

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