Episode 28: NE Fiber Fest Haul


Filming on Saturday 11/12/16

Life Stuff

  • 2016 Election – results are disappointing and rage inducing.
  • New England Fiber Fest last weekend which was fantastic and my haul from that is… extensive.
  • Giveaway: The Ravelry Group is nearing 150 members! Thread is open to be entered to win this hat kit with alpaca yarn that I received on the Western CT Yarn Crawl!
    • Winner: post #7 – Tahirra – found me through the Yarngasm Podcast
  • Blanket MAL 2017 – I’m going to be hosting a year-long blanket make-along for 2017. There’s a thread up in the group for prize planning. If anyone has any ideas for prizes that they want to see for the make-along or if anyone thinks that they might want to donate a prize, please go comment in that thread or shoot me a message on Rav. I’m going to be making 1 or 2 big blanket-sized project bags to giveaway and I’ve asked Gabby/Once Upon a Corgi if she’d like to contribute some mini-skeins. I’m aiming to do a random giveaway once a quarter or once every 2 months, depending on the prize pool. It’ll be open to knitting, crochet, quilting, weaving, whatever. WIPs will be welcomed and encouraged. Nothing needs to be finished to qualify for prize drawings. This is just some incentive for us to work on our (many MANY) blankets.

Knitting Stuff


  • Christmas Gift –  Frabjous Fibers BFL “Hespera” & Hilltop Cloud 75/25 BFL/Camel
  • Christmas Gift – Frabjous Fibers BFL “Trapeze”


  • Christmas Gifts

Crochet Stuff

  • HDC Scrap Blanket Worsted – US H/8 – 5mm hook
  • HDC Scrap Blanket Fingering – US B-2.25mm hook

Fiber Stuff

  • Mystery fleece spinning on the Ashford Kiwi 2
  • Chain plied over laceweight – “Into the Fire” 100% SW Merino from The Ugly Room

Sewing Stuff

  • Halloween costume – video about the different pieces

New Stuff

Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching – Supergirl was amazing this past week, started watching Luke Cage

Stuff I’m Reading – (tracking on GoodReads)

  • Relistening to SW:CW:Gambit:Stealth by Karen Miller (audio) narr by Jeff Gurner
  • SW:CW:Gambit:Seige by Karen Miller (audio) narr by Jeff Gurner
  • Relistening to Kenobi by John Jackson Miller (audio) narr by Jonathon Davis
  • Ashlesha by Jer Keene – book 1 of the Awaken the Stars series – Amazon and Altered Nature Press 

Fanfic Recommendation –

  • Known Associates by thingswithwings 
    • Steve Rogers isn’t a self-made man. Or, how a tough little Brooklyn fairy got turned into Captain America, and then turned back.
  • Rated Explicit for sexual content
  • There’s a lot of exploring identity, sexuality, and community for Steve pre-serum, post-serum, and in the 20th century. Important with a character like Captain America who was always written as a subversion of the straight-white-cis-male ideal. He’s always been a political character who was specifically created to stand up for people being oppressed.

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