Sammath Naur, X-34, and a little bit of The Dreaming

Handspun round up!

I showed these off in my video last weekend, but I finally got around to photographing the yarn. I’m working on getting the lighting conditions right and some of these aren’t the best example, but I’m glad I finally got the photos of these.

All of these yarns will be available in the shop on my next shop update!


Sammath Naur



This was spun out of 4 oz of superwash BFL from Highland Handmade’s Edge of the Inferno. This was lovely spin and I’d definitely love to get some more lovely fiber from her in the future. I’m excited to spin up the other braid I got from her booth at Stitches East.



This was spun out of 3 oz of CT grown Merino top from Yarn Crafters. I bought this one at the Coventry Farmers’ Market this past year. It was a little slow for me to get going with spinning this wool on my wheel. It’s rougher than I expected merino to be, but once I got going, it was a good spin. I like how the colors turned out. The final skein in this set is actually chain plied because I ended up with one single longer than the other and I think this color set works well as both a 2 ply and a 3 ply.


The Dreaming

This was a little extra Merino and stellina batt that was included in an order of Greenwood Fiberworks Pig Tails mini-fiber braids. It was so sparkly that I had to spin it first because the sparkly bits kept falling out and getting everywhere.  It ended up looking really neat.



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