May 2020

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–Dried flowers from @gabigails’ wedding bouquet

–Preparation samples for dyeing experiments

–Tomato seedings for the garden

–Red onion skin natural dye with iron

–Yellow onion skin natural dye with iron

–Spring growth: pear blossoms, rhubarb, woad, dandelions

–Winding machine spun singles onto a cone for plying

–Garden update

–Rosemary Dandelion Shortbread (

–Seam finishing and patching on handwoven pants with 1” cotton twill tape

–Snow showers in May

–Machine knit hat – Brother KH836e, dial tension 8 with punch card pattern – Cloudborn Highland Fingering in Black, Once Upon a Corgi yarn “Queequeg” from the Series of Unfortunate Events club colorways

— Tea dye with iron

–Yoke Sweater by Susan Guagliumi (from her website/newsletter) – yarn reclaimed from a previous sweater – KH 836e, dial 8 – hand knit garter band using US 1/ 2.25 mm needles

— Jedi Symbol cross stitch – pattern by WootGraphicDesign on Etsy ( – 14 count black aida, DMC embroidery floss

–Rice Fields by Elzbieta Torenc ( – US 3/3.25mm needles – Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light for Black and Legacy Fiber Artz Hocus Pocus colorways

–Singer 20-10 Sewhandy 1950’s toy sewing machine restoration – Machine is oiled and running.

–Case for Singer Sewhandy – Cleaned, but the plastic and fabric coverings were peeling away from the wooden base. Case has been stripped and sanded. Side panels have been reclaimed and re-stitched to be used as interior covering. New side panels have been cut and punched for sewing.

— Fingerloop braid (5 strands) in white crochet cotton for 990 AD Salazar Slytherin

–Star Wars Halloween Pajamas – pajama pants pattern by 5 Out of 4 Patterns (, pajama shirt pattern by So Sew Easy (

— tablet weaving sample from Card Weaving by Candace Crockett in scrap finger weight wool yarn

— Self Draft Pirate Pants – hand dyed linen



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“Dial Tone”


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“drone Space wind sci-fi”


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