New Channel Announcement

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This video is announcing my new channel. See below for details!
IG: freakishlemon

My new channel name is…

Barrows & Wights

IG: @barrowsandwights


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“Dial Tone”
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Forest Walk by Alexander Nakarada

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Made using with photo taken by @freakishlemon


Hello. I’m Adrian, I use masculine pronouns, and this video is not what you were expecting to see.

This video is an announcement that I am starting a new channel. [Metal Gear Solid alert noise]

Sorry, if you’re new here. Feel free to click back through my video history here on this channel. If you’ve been following along for a while, I hope that you will hop on over to the new channel and follow me there.

It’s no secret that in the past couple of years, I have veered away from the knitting podcast style videos for which most of you started following this channel. And for the extreme few of you who have followed this channel since my very first video in 2007, you know that I tend to have different phases of making stuff. Obviously, the past year of new experimental videos is an indicator that my focus is shifting into a new phase of video making.

If you’d like to skip to the reveal of my new channel name, feel free to go to this timestamp, but I first want to tell you a little bit about why I’m starting the new channel and wrap up a few loose ends with projects that you have been following over the past few months.

So why am I making a new channel instead of just changing my content on this channel?

For one thing, while the username ‘freakishlemon’ is a dear part of me and will continue to represent my digital self in other avenues, it no longer serves this kind of content as well as it had for videos in the past. I first started my YouTube account in 2006 and first started making vlogs in 2007. YouTube, and the internet at large, was a very different place then. Freakishlemon was a moniker that I had chosen back in 2000? 2001? and back then, you wanted a username that was distinct so that your friends could find you easily in the message board and chat room wilds before the emergence of modern social media. This distinction was largely the norm in the early vlogging days, as it was still very strange to see someone use their in-person name when publishing content outside of professional online spaces.

When I started up my knitting podcast here on YouTube in 2015, the genre was niche and filled with similar sounding fiber craft punny names. The distinct ‘freakishlemon’ helped me stand out a little bit from the other knitting podcasts but it wasn’t so out of place as to make my videos completely outside the knitting community’s radar. There were, and are still, some very prominent knitting podcasters with channel names that still follow this old school naming convention.

My making has been changing. I knit less than I used to, but I have more specific goals. I sew more than I used to in order to develop a wardrobe that feels more like the current me and I have been returning to a love of costuming and cosplay. Freakishlemon just doesn’t evoke the kind of atmosphere that I envision for the videos that I want to make documenting these projects.

The other thing is, to be perfectly honest, YouTube prioritizes newer channels over old ones. My channel is ancient and full of metadata that cannot be easily collated and repackaged to recommend my videos to folks who like watching similar content. YouTube has updated their algorithm countless times over the past 15 years and it just doesn’t show my videos to as many people anymore. My first knitting podcast episode has over 1300 views on it, but my recent monthly craft room videos average out to about 80 views per video. My subscriber count has gone up since 2015 and your interactions with me in the comments and on Instagram have not decreased, so something in the algorithm is different in a way that does not benefit this channel.

Starting from scratch is a little scary, but I think ultimately it will get my videos out to more people who actually want to watch them.

Before we get on to the reveal, I just wanted to wrap up a couple of projects that you all have been following here on the channel that won’t be making an appearance on the new channel.

I finished weaving the project on the 24” rigid heddle loom. The warp was made using mostly scrap yarns and the weft was done with the damaged yarns sent to me by a friend. I did have some tensioning issues with the project, which is why it’s a little bit shorter than I had estimated, but I got there in the end.

After I finished that project, I warped up the 10” loom to cross of that item from the board and wove this long scarf. Because the 10” loom is much easier to achieve an even warp tension, I underestimated the length of this warp and it turned out longer than I expected. (shrug) Again, warp yarns are scrap stash and weft yarns are damaged yarns sent to me.

And finally, the thing you’ve all been waiting for – The Black Vests. Once I completed the seam finishing in the unstructured vest, it was smooth sailing on to button holes and buttons for both vests. They both fit very well and I’m so pleased with how they turned out. Just to reiterate, the original pattern is Simplicity 4762 Vest & Tie that I altered to fit me over several mock ups. The black fabric is a linen/rayon blend and the lining is a Halloween bat print cotton. The structured vest is also interlined with a thin muslin and some canvas in the front pieces to better hold its shape.

And that’s it, I think. You can still follow along with other longer term projects, like my Cozy Memories blanket and the Cole Sweater in brown cormo handspun, over @freakishlemon on Instagram. I’ll still be posting over there.

And it’s time to reveal the new channel name.

You can find my new videos over at…

Barrows & Wights, a channel for exploring sewing, costume, and crafts inspired by history and fantasy. You’ll find a link to the channel in the description below or in the card above. You can also follow @barrowsandwights on Instagram and find a landing page over at

And that’s it. Head on over to Barrows & Wights to subscribe and check out my introduction video. If you want to hear about how I chose the new name, please comment on that introduction to let me know. If enough folks are curious, I’ll tell the story over there.

I’ll also be reposting my Salazar Slytherin 2020 wrap up video over there so that I have all of my Slytherin specific project videos in one place. If you don’t mind checking that one out again, I’d really appreciate it. Every little bit helps when you start something new.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. I hope to see you over at Barrows & Wights so that we can continue this evolving journey in making stuff.

Thanks again.


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