Episode 71: Plans and Progress

Filmed on Saturday, February 1, 2020


MakeNine2019 List:

  1. Comfort Fade Cardi – Finished
  2. Halloween Button Down Shirt – Finished
  3. Redford Sweater – Started
  4. Plaid Shirt 1 – On hold, pending self draft pattern
  5. Get Weaving 001 Vest for Ren Faire – Finished
  6. Plaid Shirt 2 – On hold, pending self draft pattern
  7. Handspun Sweater – Finished
  8. Quilt – Worked on
  9. Star Wars Christmas Sweater – Did not start

Thoughts about the MakeNine2019:

  • I like the idea of the make nine. I think it’s a good number of goals to aim for and it was nice to have a list of things to focus on.
  • I feel like it would work better for me if I didn’t already have a bunch of WIPs that needed work.
  • I’m also trying to work out how my brain breaks down tasks and I’m not sure the Make Nine list is detailed enough for my brain to break it down into manageable chunks, especially not with mixed making.
    • Knitting can be 1 task – knit a thing – or it can be multiple tasks – knit a front, back, 2 sleeves, etc
    • Quilting – I have to break down into smaller tasks
    • Sewing – the more I learn how to improve my sewing, the more I break it down into smaller tasks
  • Towards the end of this year, I ended up grabbing a white board for my craft room. Noelle of Costuming Drama on YouTube has a huge white board to track her goals and task breakdowns. It’s been useful, especially if my brain is Not Cooperating, to see a written list of small tasks. So I think I’m gravitating more towards that kind of task system for 2020.

Deadline Makes for 2020

  • March 13
    • Button Down Shirt
    • Vest
  • Rhinebeck (October)
    • Modified City Limits sweater by Samantha Guerin
  • Christmas
    • Star Wars Christmas Sweater
  • End of Year
    • ⅔ (66%-100%) of the Cozy Memories Blanket

Other Makes 2020:

  • Finish 2019 WIPs (minus blankets)
  • Salazar Slytherin
    • Shirt
    • Braes
    • Cast on hose
    • Samples for fabrics, trims, cords, etc
  • Gradient houndstooth weave
  • 1 hat (machine)
  • 1 garment (machine)
  • 1 hat (by hand)
  • 1 skein shawl
  • Cast on hand knit sweater
  • Choose the pattern for my brown cormo sweater



  • Memory blanket by Georgie Nicolson – US 1 /2.5 mm – fingering weight scraps
  • Pinwheel Scrap Blanket by Mina Philipp – fingering weight held double, US 4/3.5 mm
  • City Limits by Samantha Guerin – swatching US 6/4.0 mm – Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Crestone in Gray – knitting by hand because I know I’m short the ideal amount of yarn and I’ll be making decisions on the fly for the sleeves (¾ sleeves, contrast sleeve cuffs, etc)
  • Redford by Julie Hoover Machine Knit – Green Mountain Spinnery Lana in “Gris” – back piece finished, front finished, sleeves finished, need to do the little side panels on the machine, then seam and hand work.
  • House Organa Electric Eel Nano wheel – 2 ply
  • Vest for Gabby’ Wedding – Simplicity 4762 – mock up for size M, but this pattern is apparently for stick people. Length and shoulders were perfect, but needed to add almost 7 inches to the hips. Second mockup fit much better and I ended up adding a second dart on each side to improve fit. I’ve cut out all the pieces and am in the process of pad stitching the lace to the front pieces.
  • Going Gnome Kit – Tree Gnome

Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching:

  • Video Game walkthroughs of Star Wars games
    • The Force: Unleashed
    • The Force: Unleashed 2
    • KOTOR
  • Versailles
  • Clone Wars
  • The Witcher


Stuff I’m Listening To:

Stuff I’m Reading:

  • Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters



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