Episode 37: Ramble On

Filming on 4/1/17

Life Stuff

  • Health – Doctor adventure due to shortness of breath and a dry cough. Nothing came up on x-rays, EKG, or bloodwork, so antibiotics and prednisone for a week and an emergency inhaler as needed. Likely a sinus infection that got weird and aggravated my bronchial tubes. Made me change how I sleep and now I sleep much better. Weird.
  • Dogs – Audrey stayed with us while Gabby/Once Upon a Corgi was on vacation and she’s a troublemaking sweetheart. Penny hurt her back jumping into my mom’s car leaving a routine vet appointment and hurt her back, but she’s feeling much better on the anti-inflammatories/pain meds.
  • New Craft Room – No update! Some plumbing issues and the weather postponed the carpet purchasing.


Podcast Stuff

  • New Website – It’s live! New website is over at freakishlemon.com and freakishlemonpodcast.com
  • Blanket MAL 2017 – Started Jan 1st! There is a chatter/encouragement thread up in the Ravelry group and I’m planning on pulling prizes once a quarter for this MAL. #2017BlanketMAL
    • First Quarter Prize Drawing! – 79 qualifying entries!
    • Ravelry Pattern up to $10 — post# 107 LarinaValarin – Cosima from Minnesota
    • Ravelry Pattern up to $10 — post# 42 amberlindemann – Amber from Illinois
    • Physical Prize Package — post# 53 pacasha from New Mexico
  • Attack the Sock pattern is out now! Free colorwork sock pattern designed by my featuring patterns of the glowing teeth of the aliens in the British scifi movie Attack the Block.


Knitting Stuff


  • Space Cadet Hat – used stitch count and decreases from Barley by tincanknits – SpaceCadet Cressida (100% merino) in “Crowned with autumn” – US 4/3.5 mm and US 6/4.0 mm
  • Obi-Wan Socks – Must Stash Yarns “Obi-Wan” – US 0/2.0 mm Knit Picks circulars – cut in heel, Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson


  • Grand Central Socks – NYC Socks Collection from Mina Phillip – Junkyarns Smooth Socks (75/25 merino/nylon) “Rey” – US 0/2.0 mm
  • Snow Day Shawl by Mina Phillip – Quince and Co Chickadee in “Crow,” “Stork,” “Egret,” and “Frank’s Plum” – US 6/4.0 mm
  • Afterthought Everything Socks – Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Black and Legacy Knitz half-skein from the Advent Calendar – US 0/2.0mm


Crochet Stuff


  • T-Shirt Yarn Basket – improvised pattern – 25.00 mm hook from Loopy Mango
  • Polwarth Handspun Sock Needle Pouch – US G/ 4.0mm- 222 Handspun Polwarth chain ply



Fiber Stuff


New Stuff


Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching – Escape to the Country Collection (Netflix), Logan, Beauty and the Beast, Mystère à la Tour Eiffel

Stuff I’m Reading

  • Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden (audio) narr by Marc Thompson
  • Liminal by A. Sieracki
  • Dreams from the Witch House – Dark Regions Press
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Fear: The Brain Spiders by John Whitman

Fanfic Recommendation



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