Life Stuff

  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • Resolutions
  • Read/listen to 24 books this year
  • Monthly step goals on Fitbit – January – 5000 steps per day, will reevaluate each month depending on what my numbers were
  • Yarn Diet/Stash busting – will not buy yarn from Feb 16 – Sept 16, excepting CT Fiber Festival and Stitches Midwest
  • Podcast Goals
    • Streamline my process
    • Dropping the pop up segment titles – I tend to listen right through while editing and then have to find where I said them again, so it’s taking up too much time when you add them all together
    • Currently dropping closed captioning – if anyone has a quick and easy way to do it or is willing to write up transcripts of my episodes, I’ll bring it back but right now it just takes too much time
    • Craft room tour video
    • Video about how I make a podcast episode
    • Reevaluate in June for possibly moving to biweekly schedule


Knitting Stuff



  • Gift Knitting Montage



Crochet Stuff


  • Granny Square Odds and Ends – Based off of a square seen on Attic24 – misc acrylic worsted weight yarn – H/5.00 mm


Fiber Stuff


  • Hedgehog – needle felting
  • Gnome Wizard – needle felting
  • Loop Bump
  • Phoenix Fiber Club June – Turtle Made Turkish spindle
  • Supercoil Art Yarns – Fondant Fiber Fuzzlings
  • Test Spin Autumn
  • Green/White/Gold rolags


  • 3 ply BFL/Merino – Highland Handmades BFL in “The Rom”, Merino Top Green
  • My mystery bag o’ wool – combing progress and second set of samples spun

Sewing Stuff


  • Christmas Cross Stitch – The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  • Star Wars Project Bag

WIPs –       

  • Hawkeye^2 Quilt – #sewfor20


New Stuff

  • Jumbo Flyer kit and Bobbins
  • Blackfoot Spindle
  • Fiber Project bag from Gabby
  • Lights for core spinning from Gabby
  • Rolags from Gabby
  • Buffalo Wool Company mini-skeins
  • Needle Felting supplies
  • Roving for needle felting
  • Package from Andi/AndreSueKnits Podcast
  • Package from Mary/ The Yarnaceuticals Podcast
  • Lion Brand Scarfie
  • Perfection by Kraemer Yarns – 30% Domestic Merino, 70% Acrylic in “Fieldstone”


Etsy Stuff

  • Progress keepers and snagless stitch marker sets should be up
  • Snagless Stitch Markers
  • Pony bead stitch markers


Other Stuff

Start Something New 2016 KAL

Start something new! There are two threads on Ravelry for this KAL – a chatter thread and an entry thread. You don’t have to finish the item, but you have to show the project in progress, at least. This can be knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, or any other fiber craft that you’ve wanted to try. You can post multiple entries, but only one entry per project, even if you’re doing multiple new things with that project.

This KAL will run from January 1st to March 31st and I will draw for the winner during my April episode.

If you’re posting to instagram, you can use #lemon2016KAL so we can all see your projects.

We have a KAL sponsor! RsislandCrafts is supplying a project bag as a prize for this KAL and have a coupon code of LEMON15 from now until the end of March for 15% total purchase – https://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/home/rsislandcrafts


Stuff I’m Watching – Doctor Who, Murder She Wrote, STAR WARS, Elementary

Stuff I’m Reading – Necronomicon (audiobook), Planet of Twilight by Barbara Hambly, Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber (auidobook), The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster (audiobook)

Stuff I’m Playing – Lego Marvel Superheroes

Podcasts – Ewe University Live by Dr. Kelly (Halcyarn on Etsy) – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1bI6qOoR95A1xDFxeUAiA


Come join the Freakish Lemon Video Podcast group on Ravelry

Follow me as freakishlemon Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Ravelry

Check out my shop at freakishlemon.etsy.com     



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