Episode 6: New Corner

Stuff on Sticks



  • Basic Socks – Loops & Threads Luxury Sock (60% merino, 30% nylon, 10% cashmere) “Canyon” – US 1/2.25 mm aluminum dpns
  • Cozy Memories Blanket using the Memories Blanket tutorial by Georgie Hallam – sock scraps – US 2/2.75 mm interchangeable circulars – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/memory-blanket
  • Lace Weight Triangle Shawl – Plymouth Yarn Revel (85% alpaca, 15% merino) in “Grape Mist” – US 5/3.75 mm aluminum circulars – improvised pattern
  • Flying North by Maria Montzka (Stitched in Sweden) – Sensations Truly (55% wool, 30% nylon, 15% rayon from bamboo) “Turquoise” – US 1 /2.25 mm aluminum dpns – http://www.ravlery.com/patterns/library/flying-north-2
  • Del Norte by Danielle Morgan – Ella Rae Lace Merino 9100% extrafine merino) in “Green/11” – US 4 / 3.5 mm Boye aluminum circular interchangeables – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/del-norte

Stuff on Hooks


  • Granny Square Odds and Ends – Based off of a square seen on Attic24 – misc acrylic worsted weight yarn – H/5.00 mm
  • Weekender Blanket by Sandra Paul – Lion Brand Wool Ease and Vanna’s Choice Yarns leftover from Doctor Who scarves in worsted and light aran weight – US I/ 5.5 mm- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/weekender-blanket

Stuff on Spindles and Wheels


  • “Dunedin” BFL from Frabjous Fibers – chain plying – Ashford Kiwi 2 – 4 oz – Haven’t measured the length or yarn weight yet


Stuff with Thread


  • Cupcake Project Bag
  • DPN holder cozies
  • mug rug
  • coasters


  • Christmas Cross Stitch – The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  • Quilt top from Bento Bag Scraps

New Stuff

  • ChiaoGoo Red Lace US 1 / 2.25 mm circular needles
  • Skeinminder Kickstarter Rewards
  • GnomeAcres undyed fiber sale
  • Boye interchangeable needle cables 21”
  • Purple hand-dyed yarn from Peggy May Yarns that I won in the May-along drawing
  • Some minis from Diane/Peggy May Yarns
  • Owl Tape Measure from Chosen Sisters
  • Sheep Tape Measure from Mimi’s Needle Basket
  • Cast On Bind Off 54 Step by Step Methods by Leslie Ann Bestor
  • Phoenix Fiber Club rolags for June


Stuff for Etsy

  • Cupcake project bag
  • DPN holder cozies


Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching – Orange is the New Black, Boys, Five Dances

Stuff I’m Reading – Planet of Exile by Ursula K. Le Guin

Stuff I’m Playing – Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Marvel Superheroes

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00:00:00,450 –> 00:00:04,710

You know every time I turn on this camera

I realize I didn’t think of anything to say.



00:00:13,830 –> 00:00:21,590

I’m terribly prepared. Hello. I am the Freakish

Lemon, I go by Adrian, and I use male pronouns.



00:00:21,590 –> 00:00:28,720

This is a crafty type video podcast thing.

You can find all of the show notes for this



00:00:28,720 –> 00:00:34,970

episode over at my website at freakishlemon.com.

We have a Ravelry group. We’re a small group



00:00:34,970 –> 00:00:39,760

right now, but if you’d like to join, you’re

welcome to. It’s the Freakish Lemon Video



00:00:39,760 –> 00:00:48,210

Podcast group. You can follow me as “FreakishLemon”

on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Ravelry…



00:00:48,210 –> 00:00:53,079

all those good places. And all the links to

find these things will be available in the



00:00:53,079 –> 00:01:00,860

down bar here on YouTube. Welcome to new viewers

and welcome back if you were a returning viewer.



00:01:00,860 –> 00:01:12,969

It’s July now. Amazing, right? Time passes

faster than we’d like I’d say most of the



00:01:12,969 –> 00:01:21,020

time. Welcome to this corner of my bedroom.

I – you’ll have noticed in the past few episodes



00:01:21,020 –> 00:01:31,310

if you have seen them- I have had issues corralling

my things and keeping them in such a place



00:01:31,310 –> 00:01:38,009

where I can get to them in order to film these

episodes, so I am sitting at the head my bed



00:01:38,009 –> 00:01:45,549

next to my open window and everything is here

on the bed with me. So hopefully it will not



00:01:45,549 –> 00:01:53,859

run away and you won’t be left with those

really awkward jump cuts where I’m just all



00:01:53,859 –> 00:02:03,099

over the place. I’m filming at night again.

It’s July. It’s hot during the day even up



00:02:03,099 –> 00:02:07,679

here in Connecticut. It’s been very humid

the past couple of days, so right now the



00:02:07,679 –> 00:02:13,700

temperature is bearable. I can survive with

just the ceiling fan on without sweating over



00:02:13,700 –> 00:02:22,530

much. I hope. So we’re going to try and see

how this goes. Also, I’m thinking- I’ve had



00:02:22,530 –> 00:02:27,840

some focusing issues with this camera in previous

episodes, too, that I didn’t realize that



00:02:27,840 –> 00:02:34,310

I had until I was editing the video, so I’m

sorry about that. But hopefully because I



00:02:34,310 –> 00:02:44,299

am physically not moving around the camera

focus will behave properly when I bring things



00:02:44,299 –> 00:02:49,939

up close to it and pull them back to where

I am. We’re gonna try it. So, here’s this



00:02:49,939 –> 00:03:01,569

corner of my room. I have my bulletin board

here with things on it: postcards and pins



00:03:01,569 –> 00:03:11,280

and things. I have this canvas which is a

blank canvas with the front of a t-shirt stretched



00:03:11,280 –> 00:03:17,120

over it because I used to have some pretty

rad Star Wars t-shirts when I was in middle



00:03:17,120 –> 00:03:24,280

school that I clearly grew out of, so I turned

them into wall art. And this thing up here



00:03:24,280 –> 00:03:36,859

– you can’t see very much, but it is the first

piece of artwork that I ever purchased that



00:03:36,859 –> 00:03:44,609

was not a poster. It is the 56 Geeks print

by Scott Johnson, who does the Extra Life



00:03:44,609 –> 00:03:53,239

comic. He’s also a podcaster, so you can check

out his work over at myextralife.com or at



00:03:53,239 –> 00:04:05,780

frog pants.com. Frog pants. It’s the name

of his studio. He does a lot of geeky, weird



00:04:05,780 –> 00:04:11,650

art. He does comic strips and he does a lot

of podcasts. He has a whole podcast network.



00:04:11,650 –> 00:04:20,160

Actually, later this month he’ll be doing

his Nerdtacular convention type thing out



00:04:20,160 –> 00:04:26,880

in Utah. I won’t be going to that because

I’m out in Connecticut and I have not planned



00:04:26,880 –> 00:04:35,500

for it. One day, I feel like I will garner

the courage to fly my lonely little self out



00:04:35,500 –> 00:04:43,330

there and meet other Frogpanters, but until

then I will enjoy it from afar because much



00:04:43,330 –> 00:04:50,900

of it will be available in podcast feeds.

I didn’t intend to be talking about Nerdtacular.



00:04:50,900 –> 00:05:02,410

Tangent. Yes. So I’m here on my bed. Things

that have happened since the last episode.



00:05:02,410 –> 00:05:09,110

A friend of mine came up from Pennsylvania

which was nice. I hadn’t seen her since last



00:05:09,110 –> 00:05:16,220

August when we went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance

Faire. Pennsylvania is a drivable distance



00:05:16,220 –> 00:05:22,510

away, but it’s 4 – 6 hours depending on where

you’re driving and traffic and when you’re



00:05:22,510 –> 00:05:29,410

driving and all that fun stuff. So it’s not

the easiest trek to make. I’ll be going down



00:05:29,410 –> 00:05:33,910

there actually in the beginning of August

for the Renaissance Faire, but she came up



00:05:33,910 –> 00:05:42,500

here. And we had dinner with some friends

and then we used to take these walks together



00:05:42,500 –> 00:05:46,620

because she used to live right down the street

and we used to walk our dogs around the lake



00:05:46,620 –> 00:05:55,370

down the street. So we took Penny the puppy

out on a walk and that was nice just to go



00:05:55,370 –> 00:06:00,650

on a walk with my friend. And see a few of

my other friends that I hadn’t seen a long



00:06:00,650 –> 00:06:13,300

time. The only friend I have that lives less

than an hour from this house have two very



00:06:13,300 –> 00:06:26,160

small children, so getting together is tough

sometimes because of both, you know, them



00:06:26,160 –> 00:06:32,110

needing her around and her work schedule versus

my work schedule because we’re in two different



00:06:32,110 –> 00:06:39,140

types of work, so we don’t see each other

as often as we’d like. But it was nice to



00:06:39,140 –> 00:06:49,200

see everybody and catch up and also this past

Sunday was the Connecticut Corgi Meetup , which



00:06:49,200 –> 00:06:56,670

is a delightful thing. My sister’s friend

actually organizes the Connecticut Corgi Meetup



00:06:56,670 –> 00:07:04,560

group and her dog Isaac is actually Penny’s

dad, so we had like a mini Corgi family reunion



00:07:04,560 –> 00:07:12,880

at this Corgi Meetup. We had my sister’s two

dogs, Audrey who’s the mom and Aeron one of



00:07:12,880 –> 00:07:21,860

the sons, and Margaret had Isaac, who’s the

dad, and Fig, who’s one of the girls, and



00:07:21,860 –> 00:07:29,570

we had Penny and Gabbers picked up Cecil from

their friend who took him. So they had a romp



00:07:29,570 –> 00:07:34,860

together with a bunch of other corgis from

around the state, which was really nice. We



00:07:34,860 –> 00:07:39,620

had a big ol’ picnic and somebody brought

a grill, so we had like a cook out. It was



00:07:39,620 –> 00:07:44,860

great. It was really fun and watching those

dogs play with each other is the funniest



00:07:44,860 –> 00:07:54,870

thing. We also met new to the group   Duke

who is my new favourite corgi ever of all



00:07:54,870 –> 00:08:04,400

time. This corgi is what we like to call a

low rider. He was a broad body with a very



00:08:04,400 –> 00:08:09,900

stubby legs, like very stubby legs. He was

also the fluffiest corgi I’ve ever seen in



00:08:09,900 –> 00:08:15,770

my life, like just a poof ball. And he had

been groomed for this event because he was



00:08:15,770 –> 00:08:23,170

so fluffy that it was out of control. They

had to like, trim his belly hair because it



00:08:23,170 –> 00:08:33,240

was all over the ground. He was so fluffy.

It was amazing to behold. So that was fun.



00:08:33,240 –> 00:08:42,000

But other than that, I don’t really leave

my house much. I’m kind of a homebody. I stay



00:08:42,000 –> 00:08:51,970

inside and I go on the internet and I listen

to podcasts and watch podcasts and read books



00:08:51,970 –> 00:08:59,140

and knit and watch movies and I don’t really

do anything else. Work has been the same,



00:08:59,140 –> 00:09:08,690

kind of constantly on fire because of stupid

decisions that people make when money is involved,



00:09:08,690 –> 00:09:18,820

but I still have a job so that’s better than

nothing. And that is- that was- that’s been



00:09:18,820 –> 00:09:27,030

the month since my last episode. So let’s

go ahead and head into the actual crafting



00:09:27,030 –> 00:09:34,690

stuff which you know is what you’re here to

see so we will start with



00:09:37,230 –> 00:09:49,200

I have, I suppose, two finished objects, but

it’s one finished thing from a pattern. One



00:09:49,200 –> 00:09:54,170

finished thing from a pattern? I made two

of the same thing is what I’m saying. I love



00:09:54,170 –> 00:10:03,870

knitting podcasts, but one thing I have noticed

since subscribing to a truly astonishing amount



00:10:03,870 –> 00:10:14,860

of them is that knitting podcast peer pressure

is strong and I am susceptible to it. So I



00:10:14,860 –> 00:10:23,760

made these bunny nuggets. I would never have

made these if I just saw the pattern. Never



00:10:23,760 –> 00:10:34,440

in a million years, but everybody’s making

them and they’re tiny little things so I thought



00:10:34,440 –> 00:10:47,210

why not me too? But yeah, it’s the Bunny Nuggets

pattern by Rebecca Danger. I used Lion Brand



00:10:47,210 –> 00:10:54,690

Bonbons. You know, those little- hang on,

I think I’ve got one over here. It’s naked!



00:10:54,690 –> 00:10:59,410

I lost – I- I don’t know what I did with the

little wrapper. It’s not like it had any information



00:10:59,410 –> 00:11:05,970

on it, but you know the little skeins and

there’s like a pack of 8 or whatever. This



00:11:05,970 –> 00:11:22,020

is cotton. I just use embroidery floss for

the dead, cold dead eyes and nose. These two



00:11:22,020 –> 00:11:33,550

pretty much took up one of those little skeins.

I have some left. These are stuffed with a



00:11:33,550 –> 00:11:40,950

tea bag full of dried lavender. I’m going

to make probably more of these because they’re



00:11:40,950 –> 00:11:47,740

really dorky looking. They really are. They’re

dorky looking little things and I’m going



00:11:47,740 –> 00:11:56,710

to keep them in with my gift bin and in with

my my Renaissance Faire costumes and old cosplay



00:11:56,710 –> 00:12:01,670

costumes and things like that, so they don’t

end up smelling all stale and gross. I’ll



00:12:01,670 –> 00:12:10,740

probably throw a couple in with winter blanket

storage -that type of thing. I knit these



00:12:10,740 –> 00:12:28,900

on US 2/ 2.75 mm aluminum DPNs. It took me

awhile to get a hang of the ears because the



00:12:28,900 –> 00:12:37,750

ears are too many stitches to really be an

i-cord but not enough stitches to really warrant



00:12:37,750 –> 00:12:41,779

being spread over 3 needles. I couldn’t juggle

the three needles, but I manage something



00:12:41,779 –> 00:12:48,300

where I had three stitches on two needles

so they actually ended up pretty kind of flat



00:12:48,300 –> 00:12:57,810

because of the way I knit them, which worked

out well. They really are the dorkiest looking



00:12:57,810 –> 00:13:07,130

little nuggets. That’s the only thing that

I have finished knitting. Because you’ll see,



00:13:07,130 –> 00:13:16,700

I have more works-in-progress than what I

had last month. Let’s start off with – let’s



00:13:16,700 –> 00:13:31,210

put the nuggets somewhere out of the way – with

my vanilla socks. I transfered them to this



00:13:31,210 –> 00:13:44,610

Bento bag that I made which is fraying like

crazy, but I’ll have to deal. Here they are.



00:13:44,610 –> 00:13:51,589

They’re at the same point. I did a lot of

knitting at the corgi meetup. I did one of



00:13:51,589 –> 00:13:57,310

the heel the fish lips kiss heels in the car

on the way home from the meetup and the other



00:13:57,310 –> 00:14:05,170

one I did right when I get home so I wouldn’t

forget what I was doing, but I had knit maybe



00:14:05,170 –> 00:14:16,200

a half inch on one for the cuff and three

and a half inches on the other so it was pretty



00:14:16,200 –> 00:14:26,310

nice progress for me to get done. These are

in the DPN cozy flaps that I sewed. This is



00:14:26,310 –> 00:14:40,420

using the Loops & Threads Luxury Socks which

is 60% merino, 30% nylon, and 10% cashmere



00:14:40,420 –> 00:14:49,770

in the “Canyon” colorway. And these are the

ones that I started with 64 stitches in the



00:14:49,770 –> 00:14:57,230

round usually do my socks at 56, so I’m doing

these at 64 stitches to see how they fit.



00:14:57,230 –> 00:15:04,580

A lot of patterns call for 64 stitches. If

I know how they fit, either I’ll know I’ll



00:15:04,580 –> 00:15:12,230

have to you know adjust patterns to 56, but

if they don’t fit and they’re too big, then



00:15:12,230 –> 00:15:18,000

I might have a better idea of the socks I

should knit for my brothers when I make my



00:15:18,000 –> 00:15:24,680

brothers socks. Because we have roughly the

same size feet, but their feet are just slightly



00:15:24,680 –> 00:15:31,680

bigger than mine. Like they can still wear

my shoes comfortably, but they usually have



00:15:31,680 –> 00:15:37,660

to tug out the laces and retie them. Not out

all the way, but you know loosen the laces



00:15:37,660 –> 00:15:42,290

a bit because their feet are just a little

bit bigger than mine are. I keep hitting this



00:15:42,290 –> 00:15:47,209

box over here that’s holding up my Kindle

with my show notes, so apologies if you keep



00:15:47,209 –> 00:16:00,180

hearing the sound of knuckles hitting cardboard.Â

Trying something new. Hopefully, I’ll finish



00:16:00,180 –> 00:16:10,060

these soon so I have the needles at the ready,

but nothing terribly interesting to report



00:16:10,060 –> 00:16:18,760

there. Just progress which is good, but you

know, it’s vanilla socks. There’s nothing



00:16:18,760 –> 00:16:27,730

particularly challenging about them for me.

Just drop that on the floor. My cozy memories



00:16:27,730 –> 00:16:40,830

blanket, which is over here. I think I had

just done or started this square the last



00:16:40,830 –> 00:16:49,740

episode which is yarn from Diane from the

Peggy May podcast   and I really haven’t



00:16:49,740 –> 00:17:00,589

done much on this blanket. I just started

this square made out of- oh, the yarn is lost



00:17:00,589 –> 00:17:10,100

somewhere in this bag- this yarn which is

a mini from the Diane of the Peggy May podcast,



00:17:10,100 –> 00:17:20,029

so not much progress there. And this is the cozy

memories blanket using the Memories Blanket



00:17:20,029 –> 00:17:29,399

tutorial by Georgie Hallam. I’m using a US

2/ 2.75 mm interchangeable needles. Did I



00:17:29,399 –> 00:17:38,559

say needles were on the socks? The socks are

on US 1/ 2.25 DPNs. The blanket’s on US 2/



00:17:38,559 –> 00:17:50,179

2.75 mm aluminum interchangeable needles from

Boye? B-O-Y-E? They’re the ones I bought a



00:17:50,179 –> 00:18:00,869

Jo-Ann’s because that’s where I typically

buy knitting needles and I like not spending



00:18:00,869 –> 00:18:12,119

all of my money, contrary to the evidence

before you. What else did I have? My lace



00:18:12,119 –> 00:18:23,499

weight triangle shawl, which is in one these

bags. There it is. It’s in my Star Wars comics



00:18:23,499 –> 00:18:36,279

Tangerine Designs sock bag. This is using

Plymouth Yarn Revel which is 85% alpaca and



00:18:36,279 –> 00:18:44,090

15% merino in the “Grape Mist” colorway. There’s

no color on the actual ball band; it was on



00:18:44,090 –> 00:18:50,259

a sticker that my local yarn store put on

there. I don’t know if that’s from Plymouth



00:18:50,259 –> 00:18:57,399

Yarns or if that’s just from my local yarn

store. This is US 5/ 3 .75 mm circulars. I’m



00:18:57,399 –> 00:19:06,330

in the middle of a row! Of course I am. That

would only- ending the row to show you would



00:19:06,330 –> 00:19:15,509

only make things easier, but it’s just a triangular

garter stitch shawl. It was originally going



00:19:15,509 –> 00:19:23,070

to be a modular shawl but then I didn’t like

how the colors would break up, so I just continued



00:19:23,070 –> 00:19:29,179

doing the triangular bit. I still haven’t

decided how I’m going to finish this but I



00:19:29,179 –> 00:19:34,399

still have a hefty amount of this yarn. I’m

just going to try and use up the whole thing.



00:19:34,399 –> 00:19:48,940

you can see I’ve just gotten down to this

dark purple and blue which is nice. Nothing



00:19:48,940 –> 00:19:58,850

really exciting to report here. It’s just

kind of gartering along slowly. Because I



00:19:58,850 –> 00:20:16,309

have many works in progress right now. Get

that back in the bag

and then I’ve been working on my Flying North



00:20:16,309 –> 00:20:30,879

Socks- Flying North by Maria Montzka of the

Stitched in Sweden podcast using Sensations



00:20:30,879 –> 00:20:41,259

Truly yarn which is 55% wool, 30% nylon, and

15% rayon from bamboo in “Turquoise” and I’m



00:20:41,259 –> 00:20:54,149

using US 1 / 2.25 mm DPNs. And I finished

one sock- there we go- it’s a pointier toe



00:20:54,149 –> 00:21:04,809

then I think really goes for my foot, but

now I know that. And I do really like this



00:21:04,809 –> 00:21:14,799

pattern. It’s some simple purl stitch patterning.

It’s actually giving me some ideas for a slight



00:21:14,799 –> 00:21:23,960

alteration on a future sock project using

similar you know pattern, but filling in more



00:21:23,960 –> 00:21:33,529

purl stitches.This is how far I am on the

other side, almost 1 pattern repeat done.



00:21:33,529 –> 00:21:41,369

And I am knitting these for the Opposite-along

for the YarnderWoman podcast. I think I also



00:21:41,369 –> 00:21:50,259

answer these in the Yarnaceutical’s Sockalong.

Speaking of which, thank you- oh, I meant



00:21:50,259 –> 00:21:56,960

to look this up- Mary I think her name is,

of the Yarnaceuticals podcast. The episode



00:21:56,960 –> 00:22:01,100

she put out this week she was talking about

my podcast and she said such nice things,



00:22:01,100 –> 00:22:09,039

so thank you very much for watching and enjoying

what I do and recommending me. Somebody’s



00:22:09,039 –> 00:22:14,690

already joined the group because of the podcast

and she saw you recommendation, so thank you,



00:22:14,690 –> 00:22:19,309

thank you, thank you. She’s a lovely lovely

person. She has a wonderful podcast of her



00:22:19,309 –> 00:22:24,669

own where she’s- where she’s exploring the

different kinds of knitting that she you know



00:22:24,669 –> 00:22:29,679

wants to learn and she wants to spin and all

this great stuff so if you haven’t watch the



00:22:29,679 –> 00:22:36,580

Yarnaceuticals Podcast, then you should because

she’s pretty great and I’m really grateful



00:22:36,580 –> 00:22:44,249

that she thinks that my podcast good enough

talk about on hers. That’s kind of awesome.



00:22:44,249 –> 00:22:58,830

Wow, my voice just cracked. It’s really awesome,

so thank you. And then I have one more work



00:22:58,830 –> 00:23:08,379

in progress on the needles that I just started

beginning of July for the Little Bobbins Knits



00:23:08,379 –> 00:23:20,499

Purposeful Stash-along. I have actually been

pretty good about using my stash yarn for



00:23:20,499 –> 00:23:26,580

the past couple years so I didn’t have anything

that I has planned to make that was super



00:23:26,580 –> 00:23:39,559

super old. I decided to do the Del Norte shawl

by Danielle Morgan. I’d assigned this yarn



00:23:39,559 –> 00:23:50,340

to that pattern in Ravelry awhile ago, maybe

not too long ago, but it was definitely one



00:23:50,340 –> 00:23:59,249

that I had in mind for this yarn not long

after I bought it. I have this Ella Rae Lace



00:23:59,249 –> 00:24:11,029

Merino. It’s not actually a lace weight; it’s

a fingering weight, but it’s called lace merino,



00:24:11,029 –> 00:24:24,190

which is 100% extrafine merino in a “Kelly

green” color and I haven’t gotten very far.



00:24:24,190 –> 00:24:37,649

I’m just at the regular ol’ – okay. What am

I doing here? I’m tangled. There we go. Just



00:24:37,649 –> 00:24:43,450

the regular ol’ increase part. The spine here’s

a little different than what I’ve done in



00:24:43,450 –> 00:24:55,409

the past, where on the right side it’s slipping

the stitch and the backside just purling it,



00:24:55,409 –> 00:25:07,159

but I’m excited to get to some of the patterning

bits. But right now it’s just stockinette.



00:25:07,159 –> 00:25:12,639

This is going to be paired with a yarn that

I specifically bought last year at the yarn



00:25:12,639 –> 00:25:22,649

crawl to go with this and it’s the Berroco

Cosmo. It’s coming out a bit brighter on camera



00:25:22,649 –> 00:25:34,320

than what it actually is in real life, but

it’s 60% baby alpaca, 30% wool, and 10% silk.



00:25:34,320 –> 00:25:42,059

On the Del Norte shawl there’s some striping

at the bottom. This will be at the bottom



00:25:42,059 –> 00:25:52,119

to go with this green that I bought at a sidewalk

sale at my local yarn shop three years ago.



00:25:52,119 –> 00:26:11,080

I am using my US 4/ 3.5 mm Boye aluminum DPNs.

DPNs? Aluminum interchangeable needles. Although



00:26:11,080 –> 00:26:19,629

I don’t think I’m going to work on this very

much until I finish the Flying North socks



00:26:19,629 –> 00:26:32,820

because that knitalong ends sooner, I believe.

I think that’s the case. Sorry for the crinkling.



00:26:32,820 –> 00:26:38,559

Yes, that is what I have on the needles. It’s

a lot of things on the needles. It’s more



00:26:38,559 –> 00:26:43,850

things on the needles than I thought I was

going to have. I thought I’d’ve finished something



00:26:43,850 –> 00:27:01,670

by now, but no. No such luck. So with that,

let’s move on to the next segment which is of course



00:27:05,040 –> 00:27:12,220

which I don’t really

have much for. I am still working on my Weekender



00:27:12,229 –> 00:27:22,090

hexagon blanket. That’s the Weekender blanket

by Sandra Paul which is being done in a combination



00:27:22,090 –> 00:27:37,970

of Lion Brand Wool-Ease and Vanna’s Choice

yarns  in my Doctor Who colors. It’s grown



00:27:37,970 –> 00:27:49,190

a bit since the last time you’ve seen it.

It’s getting to the point where I’m trying



00:27:49,190 –> 00:27:58,700

to gauge how much yarn I have left for the

two finite balls of yarn I have. I have this



00:27:58,700 –> 00:28:07,539

purple, which is all the purple I have left,

and I have this green, which is all the green



00:28:07,539 –> 00:28:16,989

I have left, so I’m playing the guessing game

of how far can I get with these two. Everything



00:28:16,989 –> 00:28:25,849

else I have plenty of to do borders and things,

but these two are are the ones to be watched.



00:28:25,849 –> 00:28:30,059

I’ve actually taken a break from crocheting

this a little bit because I was hurting my



00:28:30,059 –> 00:28:43,119

shoulder crocheting because I’m great at taking

breaks, so I just injure myself. So I was



00:28:43,119 –> 00:28:56,460

weaving in some of the ends, but I’ve got

a lot of ends still sticking around. But conceivably,



00:28:56,460 –> 00:29:04,509

this will be finished at some point. I’m hoping

I will finish it while Stash Dash is still going



00:29:04,509 –> 00:29:09,629

  1. I’m not currently actively participating

in Stash Dash – I think I’ll make a decision



00:29:09,629 –> 00:29:21,009

at the end of the month whether or not I’m

going to go for 3K for whatever because I



00:29:21,009 –> 00:29:28,729

haven’t finished anything recently, so…

I kind of really- I mean I’d heard about it



00:29:28,729 –> 00:29:35,779

but I hadn’t looked into it until this year.

I will plan better for it next year. It sounds



00:29:35,779 –> 00:29:47,749

like an amazing, you know, thing to be a part

of, but I just did not plan well. So that’ll



00:29:47,749 –> 00:29:52,830

be something in mind for next year, but if

I can finish this blanket, I think I’ll have



00:29:52,830 –> 00:30:04,409

a fighting chance at a respectable amount

of knitting to be entered into Stash Dash.



00:30:04,409 –> 00:30:17,359

And I haven’t done- Oh, I didn’t say. That’s

using a US I/ 5.5 mm hook. Gotta remember



00:30:17,359 –> 00:30:27,879

to tell you the needle things. Slash hook

things. But I haven’t done any more granny



00:30:27,879 –> 00:30:33,269

squares for the scrap granny square blanket.

That’s exactly the state it was in before.



00:30:33,269 –> 00:30:37,450

Because I’m waiting to finish this to use

the scrap yarn from this in that granny square



00:30:37,450 –> 00:30:42,370

blanket. Which moves us on to



00:30:45,740 –> 00:30:47,740

This is the spinning portion of



00:30:47,749 –> 00:30:59,450

the podcast, if that wasn’t made clear. I

have one finished object. Well, it’s finished



00:30:59,450 –> 00:31:05,249

spinning. I wouldn’t consider it necessarily

finished because I haven’t washed one half



00:31:05,249 –> 00:31:18,710

of it and you know, let it set and all that

yet, but I

finished drying one half of it today. So this



00:31:18,710 –> 00:31:30,450

is the half of it that is completely finished.

This is blue-faced Leicester from Frabjous



00:31:30,450 –> 00:31:40,659

Fibers in the “Dunedin” color way. It was

a 4 oz braid. I spun it on my Ashford Kiwi



00:31:40,659 –> 00:31:46,609

  1. I haven’t measured how long it is or the

exact yarn weight, but I think I’m pretty



00:31:46,609 –> 00:31:56,210

close to I think- I think I’ve managed a chain

ply fingering weight with this yarn and here’s



00:31:56,210 –> 00:32:04,009

are the other half of it still on the niddy-noddy

which I will be finished up this weekend while



00:32:04,009 –> 00:32:14,629

this episode is rendering and being uploaded

and all that fun stuff. I spun this very quickly.



00:32:14,629 –> 00:32:26,499

I started spinning is on July 2nd because

I started spinning this for the Yarngasm Podcast



00:32:26,499 –> 00:32:33,299

Sock spin-and-knit-along. So this is the main

color for the socks. I will probably just



00:32:33,299 –> 00:32:41,809

do vanilla socks because I’ve never knit socks

with handspun before. I want to see how it



00:32:41,809 –> 00:32:53,340

behaves on the needles. Probably still use

the US 1/ 2.25 mm DPNs, but since I don’t



00:32:53,340 –> 00:32:59,759

know how much I have spun up, I don’t know

if I really have enough for a full pair of



00:32:59,759 –> 00:33:08,320

socks. I do have a green fiber upstairs. I

don’t remember what it’s made of. I don’t



00:33:08,320 –> 00:33:17,479

know which type of fiber it is. But it is

a green that goes with this which I can spin



00:33:17,479 –> 00:33:27,129

up for contrasting heels and toes or even

stripes if I need to. I don’t think I’ll need



00:33:27,129 –> 00:33:32,820

stripes. I think heels and toes, if I don’t

have enough for a full sock in this half and



00:33:32,820 –> 00:33:38,940

a full sock in this half, then I think that

the green for heels and toes will be fine,



00:33:38,940 –> 00:33:46,960

but I do have yarn that I can spin up for

  1. It is not very soft. I did put a lot of



00:33:46,960 –> 00:33:58,879

extra twist into the singles and an extra

twist into the plying because I have heard



00:33:58,879 –> 00:34:11,020

that helps with the- with keeping hard wearing

garments from developing holes too quickly.



00:34:11,020 –> 00:34:15,929

So it is pretty like wiry on the hand and

it is a little bit softer now that it’s been



00:34:15,929 –> 00:34:25,279

washed and dried. It’s still a little bit

damp, but I’m looking forward to starting



00:34:25,279 –> 00:34:34,319

these. I’m hoping I’ll finish the Flying North

socks this weekend so I can cast on these



00:34:34,319 –> 00:34:42,609

socks. Or maybe finish my vanilla socks and

cast on these socks. Something. I’m working



00:34:42,609 –> 00:34:49,599

on something this weekend so I can cast these

on as socks, but other than that I have been-



00:34:49,599 –> 00:34:56,470

I had been before this past week because I’ve

just been spinning – that’s all I had been



00:34:56,470 –> 00:35:08,799

working on the giant ball of wool that I bought

at the New England- Â  New England Fiber Festival.



00:35:08,799 –> 00:35:19,180

It was a pound and 4 ounces of wool and I’m

spinning this for the the maple leaf shawl,



00:35:19,180 –> 00:35:24,200

which I still don’t have in my show notes

with the link to the pattern, but it’s in



00:35:24,200 –> 00:35:34,329

these autumn colors. These are two bobbins

of the short color repeats. I divided it up



00:35:34,329 –> 00:35:44,970

for fractal spinning and I think I will have

one more bobbin of the short color repeats.



00:35:44,970 –> 00:35:51,869

I would have kept filling the bobbins, but

I took them off to spin on the other things



00:35:51,869 –> 00:36:01,920

and I didn’t feel like fighting with the tail

of the wool so I just finished out the piece



00:36:01,920 –> 00:36:09,549

I was working on. So I think I’ll have one

more bobbin of the short color repeats and



00:36:09,549 –> 00:36:16,760

then I will fill some other bobbins as full

as I can make them with the long color repeats.



00:36:16,760 –> 00:36:23,829

It’s going to be a two ply hopefully fingering

weight. I think I’ve spun this thin enough



00:36:23,829 –> 00:36:32,920

for it to be 2-ply fingering. It is a long

spinning project. It is a lot of fiber. If



00:36:32,920 –> 00:36:46,200

I do not have enough fiber I will cry. I will

cry in despar. We’ll see what happens, but



00:36:46,200 –> 00:36:55,400

I am really enjoying it. It’s nice kind of

mindless spinning at this point because I’m



00:36:55,400 –> 00:37:04,160

paying attention to the thickness of what

I’m spinning. Everything else is kind of autopilot



00:37:04,160 –> 00:37:11,970

and they’re colors I love so I’m not bored

with them. Those two things are really the



00:37:11,970 –> 00:37:20,089

only thing I’ve been spinning. For a while

there was too hot to go up into that room.



00:37:20,089 –> 00:37:26,430

Now it’s too hot but we do have two box fans

in there and there are two windows across



00:37:26,430 –> 00:37:32,829

from each other, so one of them is being used

as exhaust and the other one is sucking air



00:37:32,829 –> 00:37:44,630

into the room which is getting a cross breeze

so I can be up there for a little while without



00:37:44,630 –> 00:37:54,299

completely evaporating which is nice. It’s

very hot room. Very hot. Yeah. But that’s



00:37:54,299 –> 00:38:03,910

it for spinning. I haven’t done any drop spindling.

There’s too many things for me to do. So we



00:38:03,910 –> 00:38:07,270

will move on to the next segment which is



00:38:10,140 –> 00:38:13,400

I didn’t do anything with



00:38:16,609 –> 00:38:26,329

the quilt top I made from the bento bag scraps,

so that’s just still hanging out and I have



00:38:26,329 –> 00:38:34,140

done some cross stitching- this is backwards.

I’m starting with my works in progress, but



00:38:34,140 –> 00:38:38,710

this thing’s been around since the start of

the show so might as well talk about it. I



00:38:38,710 –> 00:38:47,150

know you’re probably wondering. I’ve started

the border in this kind of brick red. You



00:38:47,150 –> 00:38:54,720

can see there’s a little reindeer and some

snowflakes. This is a Christmas sampler from



00:38:54,720 –> 00:39:02,730

the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. It is very

exciting to be on the border and working on



00:39:02,730 –> 00:39:10,260

the border. Because I’ve been working on this

since November. The Halloween one too a month



00:39:10,260 –> 00:39:19,319

and a half. I don’t know why I’m so… I’m

dragging my feet on this, but now that I’m



00:39:19,319 –> 00:39:26,190

on the border, you know, I can gauge how long

things are going to take me and I’m excited



00:39:26,190 –> 00:39:33,390

finally get this done and framed. Cross your

fingers that I’ll be done with it by next



00:39:33,390 –> 00:39:41,400

episode. But other than that, I did spend

a day up there during one of the cooler days



00:39:41,400 –> 00:39:47,849

playing with some sewing things. I made another

project bag for the shop. It’s a little bit



00:39:47,849 –> 00:39:54,059

shorter than the other ones because I made

a mistake measring out the fabric and I cut



00:39:54,059 –> 00:40:03,720

it wrong, so it’s a little bit shorter. Which

is not a big deal. It’s this cupcake fabric



00:40:03,720 –> 00:40:25,480

and inside is this kind of fuschia pink which

is very similar to this dark pink in the cupcakes.



00:40:25,480 –> 00:40:33,339

It’s a little darker but it’s a nice bright

color to go with these cupcakes. So that will



00:40:33,339 –> 00:40:44,309

be up in the shop and I also decided to make

some more of those quilted DPN cozies. I made



00:40:44,309 –> 00:40:50,740

one for me out of my dragon fabric from my

stupid dragon quilt that I’m currently sitting



00:40:50,740 –> 00:41:02,170

  1. That’s the name I still call it in my

head is Stupid Dragon Quilt. I kind of had



00:41:02,170 –> 00:41:15,990

to relearn what I did for my first one so

my French seams aren’t that great on the end,



00:41:15,990 –> 00:41:24,819

but it fits it and I managed work it out so

that I made a bunch more to go up in the shop.



00:41:24,819 –> 00:41:41,700

I have two of these weird owl ones which has

the aqua fabric inside bound with bias tape



00:41:41,700 –> 00:41:46,880

that I found in the craft bin. Who knew that

we had bias tape hanging out up there? And



00:41:46,880 –> 00:42:04,359

then I have two of these owl ones

and I have a monster one. This is the monster

fabric with this orange fabric that I did



00:42:04,359 –> 00:42:15,880

a project bag for my sister out of. But those

will be up in the shop, too. These are for



00:42:15,880 –> 00:42:29,210

7 inch DPNs, which I think is the average.

That’s really the only size that I buy, but



00:42:29,210 –> 00:42:42,910

if you want something, if you want quilted

DPN cozies for a different size, I would be



00:42:42,910 –> 00:42:52,119

willing to figure something out. So just shoot

me a message on Etsy, if you’re interested.



00:42:52,119 –> 00:42:57,410

I also did a couple of other quick quilting

things because I needed some things. I made



00:42:57,410 –> 00:43:10,109

some coasters just playing around with some

random stitches. It’s a kind of a darker brown



00:43:10,109 –> 00:43:15,250

in real life than what showing up here, but

they all have different stitches on them.



00:43:15,250 –> 00:43:22,390

Because I figured, what the heck? I might

as well play with it. They’re coasters. You’re



00:43:22,390 –> 00:43:26,779

not supposed to be looking at the top of it

anyway. You’re supposed to put a drink on



00:43:26,779 –> 00:43:32,640

  1. And I also made a little mug rug to go

next to my laptop. Because, especially on



00:43:32,640 –> 00:43:43,089

the weekends, sometimes I’ll just eat next

to my laptop which is not the best, but like



00:43:43,089 –> 00:43:50,260

this weekend I’m going to be working on this

video so something to put hot plates and bowls



00:43:50,260 –> 00:43:56,869

and mugs of tea on. This is just scrap fabric

that I had, some of that owl fabric, some



00:43:56,869 –> 00:44:09,000

of this dark teal blue, some of the grey flowery

fabric that I like. And I was playing around



00:44:09,000 –> 00:44:15,789

with different quilting patterns. I like how

this triangle section turned out. I don’t



00:44:15,789 –> 00:44:21,849

know if you can see it. Maybe it’s easier

– there we go. It’s easier to see back here.



00:44:21,849 –> 00:44:34,559

I like how that turned out. Something keep

in mind for the future. Anything else with



00:44:34,559 –> 00:44:43,049

thread? That’s really it, I think. That’s

  1. Like it wasn’t a lot of things that I



00:44:43,049 –> 00:44:52,400

did and I just spent a whole day sering one

day and that’s what came out of the sewing



00:44:52,400 –> 00:45:02,120

room. So I guess we can move on to my next

segment and that segment is



00:45:08,240 –> 00:45:15,000

You know, I really thought when I started this

podcast that this would be the segment that



00:45:15,000 –> 00:45:28,130

would be the least updated out of all of my

segments. I really don’t know what happened.



00:45:28,130 –> 00:45:40,140

Okay, so, things that I have purchased. New

stuff. First thing is I bought myself a pair



00:45:40,140 –> 00:45:58,010

of Chiaogoo stainless steel knit red lace

size 1 / 2.5 mm circular needles. I realized



00:45:58,010 –> 00:46:03,680

while I was knitting the- while I was- while

I am knitting the Flying North socks by Maria



00:46:03,680 –> 00:46:14,200

Montzka that they were really written for

magic loop. And I’ve done magic loop for two



00:46:14,200 –> 00:46:24,089

at a time socks, which was alright. It was

very fiddly to get started and fiddly when



00:46:24,089 –> 00:46:30,019

did the heels, but for the most part it was

all right. But the needles that I have for



00:46:30,019 –> 00:46:37,740

that are super long. I showed them to you

before, so they’re hard- I can’t do one sock



00:46:37,740 –> 00:46:48,690

on them. And I do like knitting socks one

at a time. I know at some point I’m going



00:46:48,690 –> 00:46:55,599

to do more two at a time socks just to see,

but I know I want to do that pattern again



00:46:55,599 –> 00:47:07,519

with some slight modifications so I want to

try it doing magic loop. And I’d heard good



00:47:07,519 –> 00:47:15,900

things about the cord for this because the

needles I buy at Jo-ann’s – the Boye and the



00:47:15,900 –> 00:47:25,440

Clover needles- the cord is not good for magic

loop unless it’s super long like the my super



00:47:25,440 –> 00:47:35,180

long Clovers. It’s just not flexible enough

to really bend to the way you need it to do



00:47:35,180 –> 00:47:42,950

a magic loop, so I splurged and went to Amazon

and bought myself- this is really reflective.



00:47:42,950 –> 00:47:52,130

I’m sorry. I bought myself a pair of Chiaogoo

needles. These are the fanciest needles I



00:47:52,130 –> 00:48:04,809

own. But I’m looking forward to using them.Â

I also, I think the next day- I’ve had a-



00:48:04,809 –> 00:48:13,329

these have all come in like the past two weeks,

so like the next day I got a box from a yarn



00:48:13,329 –> 00:48:23,599

company that I didn’t recognize. About a month

and a half ago, I went on a Kickstarter spree.



00:48:23,599 –> 00:48:35,339

I backed some soaps, I backed some yarn dyers,

I backed some things. I really put my money



00:48:35,339 –> 00:48:51,339

out there and backed a kind of an expensive

level for the Skeinminder Kickstarter. If



00:48:51,339 –> 00:48:59,980

you haven’t heard of that, indie dyers often

have these skein winder things that look like



00:48:59,980 –> 00:49:05,220

a wooden Ferris wheel type thing. There’re

some that are manual and there are some that



00:49:05,220 –> 00:49:14,799

are motorized, so the motorized ones will

just turn on their own. But if you are winding



00:49:14,799 –> 00:49:21,089

skeins of yarn to sell, you still have to

sit there and count the rotations because



00:49:21,089 –> 00:49:28,269

it’s not gonna stop. The Skeinminder and I

don’t have the details in front of me, is



00:49:28,269 –> 00:49:37,849

a device that is being worked on to plug into

those motorized skein winders and to count



00:49:37,849 –> 00:49:44,740

the rotations and stop at the set amount.

So if you know, say you want it to go 200



00:49:44,740 –> 00:49:52,210

rotations, you would set it to 200 rotations

and you can set the thing to go and your skein



00:49:52,210 –> 00:49:56,779

would wind up and you could walk away and

do something else for the amount of time it



00:49:56,779 –> 00:50:04,759

takes to wind that up. And it will stop at

200 rotations. So you’d come back, do what



00:50:04,759 –> 00:50:11,529

you need to do, set up the next one, that

kind of thing. I watch a lot of indie dyer



00:50:11,529 –> 00:50:21,150

podcasts and I just think this would be such

a useful tool to be out there for people to



00:50:21,150 –> 00:50:34,500

use because I wind my hand spun on the niddy

noddy myself. I reskein things myself upstairs



00:50:34,500 –> 00:50:40,980

and I know how long it takes me. I can’t imagine

having to do that as part of your business



00:50:40,980 –> 00:50:51,930

everyday. This thing will be so useful, so

I did put out much more money than I usually



00:50:51,930 –> 00:51:02,180

do for Kickstarters to get the full skein

set thing. I mean, I backed this because I



00:51:02,180 –> 00:51:08,089

want this to happen but the rewards for this

Kickstarter were kind of amazing so I opened



00:51:08,089 –> 00:51:14,740

up this box I got from this yarn company I

didn’t recognize and it was my rewards from



00:51:14,740 –> 00:51:23,509

the Skeinminder Kickstarter. The first thing

first is I get this Skeinminder snake dragon



00:51:23,509 –> 00:51:31,130

thing tote bag, which is actually really nice.

I like this fabric and it’s got nice kind



00:51:31,130 –> 00:51:41,569

of longish handles. Which is nice. And this

box was filled with all these tissue paper



00:51:41,569 –> 00:51:57,930

wrapped burritos of delight. So here is the

device that they’re working on and you can



00:51:57,930 –> 00:52:08,839

find out more over at skeinminder.com and

it was alpine? Alpenglow Yarn that the box



00:52:08,839 –> 00:52:19,509

came from which is the company that’s been

working on the Skeinminder. i got that, I



00:52:19,509 –> 00:52:34,519

got a sticker. I got a Thank You Skeinminder

card from Carrie and I got some Spark stitch



00:52:34,519 –> 00:52:52,420

markers, which are these like square little

stitch markers. Who is this by? Is it by Spark?



00:52:52,420 –> 00:53:01,789

Is that the name of the company? The card

on the back here says Starlight Knitting,



00:53:01,789 –> 00:53:18,450


I’m not entirely sure. it says curated by

Spark, but these are pretty cool. I’m excited



00:53:18,450 –> 00:53:28,609

to play around with those. And I got another

sticker. Anything else in here? No. Well,



00:53:28,609 –> 00:53:36,559

there’s other things in here. Because the

full skein set, which I mentioned before,



00:53:36,559 –> 00:53:45,819

is a set of five skeins of yarn in the colors

of this Skeinminder. So I have “Black Box”



00:53:45,819 –> 00:53:56,289

from Cannon Hand-dyes in their Charles Merino

sock, which is 80% Superwash Merino, 20% nylon.



00:53:56,289 –> 00:54:04,710

395 yards. And these, I believe were all wound

on a machine using the skein winder, I mean



00:54:04,710 –> 00:54:13,619

Skeinminder, so they were testing it as part

of the Kickstarter rewards. So that was “Black



00:54:13,619 –> 00:54:23,940

Box” which is the black box. This is the “Zero

Button” from Pigeon Roof Studios and it’s



00:54:23,940 –> 00:54:35,579

100% superwash merino. It’s 400 yards. These

are all fingering weight, I believe. There



00:54:35,579 –> 00:54:45,900

is Sincere Sheep’s natural dye. This is the

“Up and Down Button” 100% Superwash Merino,



00:54:45,900 –> 00:55:03,869

430 yards. It’s the Tenacious base, I believe.

There is the “Skeinminder Menu.” Hazel Knits.



00:55:03,869 –> 00:55:18,569

Which is 90% Superwash Merino, 10 % nylon

and there is Alpenglow Yarns very own yarn



00:55:18,569 –> 00:55:32,369

which is “Big Red Button” which is a 100%

superwash Merino. So I have 5 – oh, I’m dropping



00:55:32,369 –> 00:55:44,230

them- skeins of yarn that came in one box.

  I didn’t expect this until later in the



00:55:44,230 –> 00:55:50,630

year. But I’m telling you, if you’re going

to back any Kickstarters, back craft Kickstarters



00:55:50,630 –> 00:55:58,490

because I’d say about a third of the ones

that I backed during my Kickstarter backing



00:55:58,490 –> 00:56:07,970

spree, came through earlier than anticipated

with their rewards. So this was pretty amazing



00:56:07,970 –> 00:56:15,940

and I’m really excited to work with these.

I’m hoping to do some color work which is



00:56:15,940 –> 00:56:24,259

great because now I have all these colors.

So that is the Skeinminder Kickstarter rewards



00:56:24,259 –> 00:56:37,230

and that is not all. In addition to that,

GnomeAcres decided to have a fiber sale. She



00:56:37,230 –> 00:56:44,230

used to dye fiber fairly regularly, but she

hasn’t in a while. And she said in a podcast



00:56:44,230 –> 00:56:50,049

that she wouldn’t get a chance to for a long

time so she was going to sell her fiber stock



00:56:50,049 –> 00:57:02,160

at you know a little bit above which she would

be paying for it. And I went to go see how



00:57:02,160 –> 00:57:17,680

much 4 ounces would be of her undyed fiber

stock. It was 6 dollars for 4 ounces. So I



00:57:17,680 –> 00:57:34,740

bought four different types of fiber. Crinkling,

sorry. 4 different types of fiber. This is



00:57:34,740 –> 00:57:46,569

a Masham, which is- oh my God, I tied this

too tightly. I can’t get in. Should have untied



00:57:46,569 –> 00:58:04,470

these before the podcast -and it’s like a

light heathery grey type of wool, but I’ve



00:58:04,470 –> 00:58:10,910

never spun with before. I tried to go for

things that I’ve never really worked with



00:58:10,910 –> 00:58:24,700

spinning wise. And then all these other three

are just white. This is a Superwash Merino,



00:58:24,700 –> 00:58:39,099

Merino, and silk blend. And then I got a Falkland.

I’ve heard that that’s not a breed; that’s



00:58:39,099 –> 00:58:46,359

just where the yarn or the wool comes from,

so I don’t know specifically what breed but



00:58:46,359 –> 00:58:58,130

Falkland. And Superwash Merino, bamboo, and

nylon blend which are all things I’ve never



00:58:58,130 –> 00:59:12,779

spun with before. The Masham? M-A-S-H-A-M

– the off-white one, I’m probably just going



00:59:12,779 –> 00:59:20,940

to leave as a natural. The others I might

dye. I’ll probably spin them first and then



00:59:20,940 –> 00:59:27,569

play with dyeing later. I know there’s…

I saw some cabbage dyeing that looked really



00:59:27,569 –> 00:59:36,319

interesting that I’d like to try and my sister

has started fooling around with dyeing yarns.



00:59:36,319 –> 00:59:47,999

I say fooling around with. She bought a natural

dyeing kit and then also bought other things



00:59:47,999 –> 00:59:57,650

and just started dying things. So I might

have her dye some things or I might just play



00:59:57,650 –> 01:00:04,900

with dying things or I might just leave them

naked. Because they look good… I was just



01:00:04,900 –> 01:00:12,769

going to say they look good naked, too. Should

I really be talking about fiber that way?



01:00:12,769 –> 01:00:26,740

i don’t know. But that’s not all. I also,

since I started a whole bunch of knitting



01:00:26,740 –> 01:00:34,470

things on circular needles, I realized that

with my Boye interchangeable needle set that



01:00:34,470 –> 01:00:44,630

I only had one length of the cable that I

liked. Because those needles are- is it right



01:00:44,630 –> 01:00:56,819

here? Maybe? I dropped everything on the floor.

Let’s see if I can grab it. This is the length



01:00:56,819 –> 01:01:08,170

cable that I like for these because with the

needle and the join, it’s a very long needle,



01:01:08,170 –> 01:01:14,430

so any cable shorter than this makes it very

awkward. You have to knit with your needles



01:01:14,430 –> 01:01:24,930

this. You can’t- there’s not a lot of wiggle

room, but I only had one cable this length



01:01:24,930 –> 01:01:35,450

which was on my cozy memories blanket. So

I went on Amazon and I bought four more. There’s



01:01:35,450 –> 01:01:41,680

3 here and one on here. This was on shorter

ones and I couldn’t stand it, so I just knit



01:01:41,680 –> 01:01:47,920

onto the longer oens. So I bought a whole

bunch. Because what’s the point in having



01:01:47,920 –> 01:01:55,049

interchangeable needles if you don’t have

enough cables to use all your needle ends?



01:01:55,049 –> 01:02:12,259

So, bunch of 21 inch cables. And then I got

more yarn in the mail. To be fair, I did not



01:02:12,259 –> 01:02:26,999

buy this. It’s not cheating on my yarn diet

if I won it, right? Whatever, at this point.



01:02:26,999 –> 01:02:42,220

Whatever. This is from Diane of the Peggy

May podcast. I had participated in May knit/crochet/craft-along



01:02:42,220 –> 01:02:50,279

thingy and she drew my name for the prize

of a skein of her handdyed yarn and I picked



01:02:50,279 –> 01:02:58,849

this purple yarn. It’s called Indigo is a

Falkland Merino. 100 grams 335 meters. I will



01:02:58,849 –> 01:03:12,960

have to translate that into yards because

I’m American and we like outdated measurements,



01:03:12,960 –> 01:03:21,609

like yards. Like i have an idea of how many

yards it is, but I’ll need to know for sure.



01:03:21,609 –> 01:03:30,369

But yes, I chose this yarn out of her yarns

because it reminds me of the Matt Fraction



01:03:30,369 –> 01:03:47,059

Hawkeye comics

and I have plans to basically modify the

Flying North socks to an arrow chevron pattern



01:03:47,059 –> 01:03:55,890

like the one that Hawkeye wears in those comics.

Do I have that handy? I might have that handy.



01:03:55,890 –> 01:04:11,730

I might have screenshots of that comic handy.

Oh, lights are hard. He’s got a chevron on



01:04:11,730 –> 01:04:25,390

his shirt right there. That’s a pretty good

color match, right? Yeah? Looks good to me.



01:04:25,390 –> 01:04:34,390

I love these comics. It’s just a shirt! His

stupid uniform is just a shirt. It’s just



01:04:34,390 –> 01:04:44,480

a T-shirt. You can see the, oh my god. So

reflective, these lights. You can see the



01:04:44,480 –> 01:04:59,720

comic pages tend to have a color scheme. A

lot of time it’ll be purple and blue. This



01:04:59,720 –> 01:05:09,789

one has both Hawkeyes. I’m actually planning

on doing a Hawkeye quilt with- my God, get



01:05:09,789 –> 01:05:20,160

out of here. It wouldn’t get away from image.

Hawkeye quilt with blocks with the chevron



01:05:20,160 –> 01:05:27,230

pattern and blocks with the bull’s-eye pattern.

Because both Hawkeyes like to wear the purple



01:05:27,230 –> 01:05:35,349

bull’s-eyes because I’m a giant dork. So she

sent me this lovely prize and I’m going to



01:05:35,349 –> 01:05:42,779

make Hawkeye socks out of it I think. Probably.

She also sent me a couple of minis to add



01:05:42,779 –> 01:05:50,339

into my blanket which was very nice of her.

She didn’t have to do that, so thank you,



01:05:50,339 –> 01:06:00,109

Diane. I’m excited to play with my Hawkeye

yarn. That comic is just really special to



01:06:00,109 –> 01:06:09,730

  1. I’m sorry. It’s really the first comic

that got me into reading comics. I mean, I’d



01:06:09,730 –> 01:06:21,880

read Watchmen and I’d read the Sandman comics,

but they really didn’t inspire me to read



01:06:21,880 –> 01:06:32,329

comics. They just happened to be comics that

I had read, but I started reading Hawkeye



01:06:32,329 –> 01:06:40,369

and the folks whose blogs I was reading online

who were you know, telling people ‘Hawkeye’s



01:06:40,369 –> 01:06:44,009

great, you should read Hawkeye’ were saying

you should read Ms. Marvel, so I started the



01:06:44,009 –> 01:06:51,359

new Ms. Marval with Kamala Khan and I love

that series and they were like you should



01:06:51,359 –> 01:06:57,730

read, I don’t remember which run of She-Hulk

it is, but this run of She-Hulk so I read a



01:06:57,730 –> 01:07:10,789

few of those and I really like those, so like…

Also I’m now, I’m also reading Matt Fraction’s



01:07:10,789 –> 01:07:24,999

other series Sex Criminals, which is not for

children, but it is a hilariously great read



01:07:24,999 –> 01:07:35,380

if you are an adult.But yeah this is very

special, so I picked the yarn that reminded



01:07:35,380 –> 01:07:47,099

me of Hawkeye. And that’s still not all because

I also bought, I bought some more yarn needles



01:07:47,099 –> 01:07:54,900

because with so many projects on, I ran out

of- a while back I did these three of these



01:07:54,900 –> 01:08:00,819

notions pouches, where it would have needles,

yarn needles, stitch markers, tape measure,



01:08:00,819 –> 01:08:09,289

most of them had a pair of scissors, some

waste yarn, any note taking things and I have



01:08:09,289 –> 01:08:15,839

so many things in progress right now that

I didn’t have enough tape measures to go around



01:08:15,839 –> 01:08:21,680

or yarn needles. So i bought some yarn needles

but those aren’t really exciting becuase they’re



01:08:21,680 –> 01:08:28,550

yarn needles. But I did buy some tape measures

which are exciting. I bought this owl tape



01:08:28,550 –> 01:08:33,230

measure – with a yellow owl on the front and

a green one, well, I don’t know which is the



01:08:33,230 –> 01:08:40,660

front and which is the back and this is the

button – from Chosen Sisters on Etsy. And



01:08:40,660 –> 01:09:01,150


just a padded tape measure and then I bought

this sheep tape measure from Mimi’s Needle



01:09:01,150 –> 01:09:10,600

Basket on Etsy. I got this in today and I’ve

already lost her card. So that’s exciting.



01:09:10,600 –> 01:09:20,370

I’ll have those in my new little notions bags.

And I needed to buy something in order to



01:09:20,370 –> 01:09:29,030

get boxes for stitch markers to mail out some

stitch markers this weekend and they were



01:09:29,030 –> 01:09:33,650

add on items on Amazon and they were cheaper

than buying them at the store, so I need something



01:09:33,650 –> 01:09:41,010

to bump that total over to $25 and by bump,

I mean really match that total to make it



01:09:41,010 –> 01:09:54,010

$25. So I bought this book Cast On Bind Off

54 Step by Step Methods by Leslie Ann Bestor.



01:09:54,010 –> 01:10:01,230

I’ve just kind of flipped through it, I haven’t

really looked in detail, but I look forward



01:10:01,230 –> 01:10:09,060

to seeing things that I can use and information

that I can use. It’s always good to have reference



01:10:09,060 –> 01:10:27,210

books, I think, so having this around will

be helpful. I don’t know what I thought I



01:10:27,210 –> 01:10:41,710

was going to say more there, but I think having

something at hand that is not internet based



01:10:41,710 –> 01:10:49,310

would be extremely helpful, especially if

you know, I leave the house. Then I can just



01:10:49,310 –> 01:11:00,220

throw this in a bag if I’m on vacation or

something. I know it’s just an excuse to buy



01:11:00,220 –> 01:11:11,220

a knitting book. I know there’s- I mean it

looks like it’s pretty great. There’s some



01:11:11,220 –> 01:11:17,600

photos of it and I saw the one for the Kitchener

stitch in here and you can’t wrong with having



01:11:17,600 –> 01:11:27,780

an extra copy of how to do Kitchener Stitch

that you can just have lying around. So, yes



01:11:27,780 –> 01:11:33,510

and then I didn’t- I forgot to put this in

my freakin’ notes. The last of the Phoenix



01:11:33,510 –> 01:11:44,830

Fiber Club shipment came in, so here is June’s

Phoenix Fiber Club. I gotta update my show



01:11:44,830 –> 01:11:49,460

notes because I forgot to add this in there.

But this is actually pretty different from



01:11:49,460 –> 01:11:56,070

the previous two. I might end up spinning

this one as 1 ply and spinning the other as



01:11:56,070 –> 01:12:01,050

another and spinning them together. That would

be interesting to see what that would look



01:12:01,050 –> 01:12:09,970

like. I’ll see what happens. Is that everything?

Have I exhausted everything from the new stuff?



01:12:09,970 –> 01:12:18,690

I think I have. And if I haven’t, oh well.

That was plenty of stuff. Probably too much



01:12:18,690 –> 01:12:29,960

stuff, but you know. That’s what happens.

Which moves us into the next segment which is



01:12:32,280 –> 01:12:38,640

Which is basically just

the project bag and the DPN holder cozy thingies



01:12:38,640 –> 01:12:45,270

that I should you in Stuff with Thread. I

haven’t worked on any other things for the



01:12:45,270 –> 01:12:52,270

shop at this point, but I am planning on putting

those things up this weekend, so I will announce



01:12:52,270 –> 01:13:02,120

when the shop update is live on social media.

So keep an eye out if you want any of those



01:13:02,120 –> 01:13:11,840

things. Well that was easy. Yeah, okay. So

we’ll move right into



01:13:13,080 –> 01:13:25,100

Stuff I am watching. I watched the new season of Orange

is the New Black in two days. I love that



01:13:25,100 –> 01:13:31,620

show. I am very entertained by that show.

And I can’t stop watching that show when I



01:13:31,620 –> 01:13:40,830

have it on, so it was very good. No spoilers.

I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the direction it



01:13:40,830 –> 01:13:49,120

started taking this season. I’ve also been-

well, I’m not really been watching anything



01:13:49,120 –> 01:14:01,710

other than podcasts, although I did get into

a bit of a melancholy gay boys movie thing.



01:14:01,710 –> 01:14:08,640

I watched this movie called Boys which was

about a couple teenage boys who are on the



01:14:08,640 –> 01:14:22,560

track team who fall in love and it’s all forbidden

things. It was pretty just kind of bleak,



01:14:22,560 –> 01:14:36,270

but things wrapped up pretty okay at the end.

It just had that kind of you know, melancholy



01:14:36,270 –> 01:14:46,380

feel to it. It’s a foreign film. I think it’s

in German. But I watched it a couple of weekends



01:14:46,380 –> 01:14:52,180

ago so I don’t remember. It was alright. And

then I also watch this movie called Five Dances



01:14:52,180 –> 01:15:06,520

which is- its five dances that the main character

has and he is part of a ballet group in New



01:15:06,520 –> 01:15:13,710

York City. He’s from Kansas and you can – you

get slice of life bits where he’ll get a phone



01:15:13,710 –> 01:15:18,310

call from his mom who just is begging him

to come home but is also yelling at him for



01:15:18,310 –> 01:15:35,730

being a sinner and things. There’s a surprising

amount of drama for not having a straightforward



01:15:35,730 –> 01:15:50,600

progress through the story storyline. It’s

basically snapshots of these 5 pieces of his



01:15:50,600 –> 01:15:53,890

journey dancing with these people and of course

he falls in love with one of the other male



01:15:53,890 –> 01:16:10,960

dancers there. It’s very kind of- again, it’s

pretty kind of melancholy. Just kind of sort



01:16:10,960 –> 01:16:18,440

of sad, but you not really sure why you’re sad?

Since parts of it – even the parts of it that



01:16:18,440 –> 01:16:25,920

were looking up and fun and positive were

just kind of tinged a little bit. I don’t



01:16:25,920 –> 01:16:36,570

know. It’s a thing. Melancholy gay boy movies.

It is a thing. But I’m probably start on the



01:16:36,570 –> 01:16:43,940

depressing lesbian movies this weekend. I

don’t know. It’s Netflix started suggesting



01:16:43,940 –> 01:16:51,060

them all to me, so I might as well watch them.

See if Netflix is right and I’ll like them.



01:16:51,060 –> 01:17:03,330

But yeah, if you like melancholy gay boy movies,

you could do worse than Boys and Five Dances.



01:17:03,330 –> 01:17:10,200

Actually the Five Dances one was really- I

was often distracted from the story by the



01:17:10,200 –> 01:17:18,890

dancing. I like dancing.  Stuff I’m reading.

I’m still reading Planet of Exile by Ursula



01:17:18,890 –> 01:17:27,000

  1. Le Guin, even though it’s a tiny little

book. I am often distracted by fanfiction,



01:17:27,000 –> 01:17:38,160

so I just haven’t. I just haven’t read it

at work, is the thing. Because that’s where



01:17:38,160 –> 01:17:45,560

I get the majority of my reading done is,

well, the majority of my book reading done



01:17:45,560 –> 01:17:52,100

is at work on my breaks, but I ran into the

same problem with this book that I did with



01:17:52,100 –> 01:17:56,250

the Terry Pratchett book is I don’t want to

stop after 15 minutes. I just want to keep



01:17:56,250 –> 01:18:06,650

reading for at least a half an hour, so I’m

working on it at home. Slowly. When I have



01:18:06,650 –> 01:18:16,350

a chance between everything else. Stuff I’m

playing. I finish Lego Lord of the Rings!



01:18:16,350 –> 01:18:26,480

It only took me a few years. But I don’t play

every day, so progress is gonna be slow. Lego



01:18:26,480 –> 01:18:30,140

games, the pattern goes, is you make a bunch

of progress all at once because you play through



01:18:30,140 –> 01:18:35,660

all the levels on story mode and then you

get excited about unlocking new characters



01:18:35,660 –> 01:18:42,350

so you play them through once again on free

play mode and then you kind of slow down because



01:18:42,350 –> 01:18:47,550

you remember all the levels so it can get

pretty boring and frustrating if you don’t



01:18:47,550 –> 01:18:57,690

have the characters to unlock all the things

yet. So, I just sat down last Saturday at



01:18:57,690 –> 01:19:04,120

the 4th of July and finished it. That’s how

I celebrated the 4th of July. I curled up



01:19:04,120 –> 01:19:09,140

with my dog and I played Lego Lord of the

Rings. And i finished it. I was disappointed



01:19:09,140 –> 01:19:16,510

that nothing happened at the end. On previous

Lego games when I’ve hit 100%, something happens,



01:19:16,510 –> 01:19:26,900

even if it’s just a ‘Hooray! 100%!’ but nothing

happened. I just went to go check the map



01:19:26,900 –> 01:19:34,220

to make sure I had everything and the progress

bar said 100%. So right now I’m playing a



01:19:34,220 –> 01:19:40,220

little bit more of Lego Marvel Superheroes

which I have played through the story mode



01:19:40,220 –> 01:19:54,220

and I had started exploring the New York quests.

That is a heck of a game, Lego Marvel Surperheroes.



01:19:54,220 –> 01:20:02,950

I believe at the time it was the biggest,

most expansive Lego game yet. There are probably



01:20:02,950 –> 01:20:13,100

three times as many characters as Lego Star

Wars with all six movies. There a lot characters.



01:20:13,100 –> 01:20:21,780

There a lot of side quests. I also had forgotten

entirely where you find the different levels



01:20:21,780 –> 01:20:29,080

on the Helicarrier. I was running around the

Helicarrier lost but I got a couple of quests



01:20:29,080 –> 01:20:34,320

done, so I think I’m gonna play around with

Lego Marvel Superheroes before I get back



01:20:34,320 –> 01:20:47,300

to   Lego Batman 2. Because I think those

are the only two Xbox ones I have left to



01:20:47,300 –> 01:20:55,190

finish; Lego Marvel Superheroes and Lego Batman

  1. And then I have Lego Batman on Steam, which



01:20:55,190 –> 01:21:01,160

currently shuts down my laptop every time

I try to play it, so it’s just going to hang



01:21:01,160 –> 01:21:08,940

out there for right now until I have access

to a more robust platform to game on, but



01:21:08,940 –> 01:21:17,690

I also have Lego Harry Potter Years 5 through

7 that I played the first level on on Steam.



01:21:17,690 –> 01:21:23,160

Because they were a part of a really cheap

Lego game deal and I got them for like $5



01:21:23,160 –> 01:21:35,890

each, so why not? But I’ll be playing Lego

Marvel Superheroes for a while. Podcast Recommendations.



01:21:35,890 –> 01:21:49,110

I’m going to change the segment. Not too long

ago a viewer were asked Kristen from Voolenvine



01:21:49,110 –> 01:21:55,540

Yarns on the Yarngasm podcast what she listened

to or watched while she was knitting and she



01:21:55,540 –> 01:22:05,140

had posed the question back to the viewers,

what podcast do you listen to? What things



01:22:05,140 –> 01:22:11,120

do you watch and listen to while knitting?

And that got me thinking because I am a podcast



01:22:11,120 –> 01:22:22,320

addict. I know for the past few episodes you

can’t tell because I only recommend two podcasts,



01:22:22,320 –> 01:22:29,320

but the amount of podcast that I’m subscribed

to is absurd. That’s the amount of podcasts,



01:22:29,320 –> 01:22:44,040

is an absurd amount. And I used to back on

my LiveJournal periodically do podcast lists



01:22:44,040 –> 01:22:48,900

where I’d list the podcasts I was listening

to and a little blurb about them – what I



01:22:48,900 –> 01:22:56,330

liked about them, whatever. And I would do

that once or twice a year. So I went through



01:22:56,330 –> 01:23:10,090

my feeds – my Pocket Cast feed and my YouTube

subscriptions – and I did the same thing that



01:23:10,090 –> 01:23:17,200

past week. Listed out all of the podcasts

I listen to, including five or six new ones



01:23:17,200 –> 01:23:22,960

that I subcribed to last week because my boss

was out and I ran out of podcasts at work.



01:23:22,960 –> 01:23:30,530

And I wrote little blurbs about them and put

links to the websites and stuff. So if you



01:23:30,530 –> 01:23:39,040

really want to see the podcasts that I listen

to and watch, there will be a link to that



01:23:39,040 –> 01:23:52,710

blog post in the show notes.That’s has everything

that I’m subscribed to. So I think going forward,



01:23:52,710 –> 01:24:00,690

I’m only going to update this segment with

any new podcasts that I start watching or



01:24:00,690 –> 01:24:08,060

listening to. If you go look at that list,

you’ll think to yourself, ‘how the hell are



01:24:08,060 –> 01:24:15,660

you going to watch or listen to any new ones?’

I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m sure



01:24:15,660 –> 01:24:22,790

it will happen because at some point somebody’s

going to go on hiatus or I’m just going to



01:24:22,790 –> 01:24:35,600

fall out of love with a podcast. That happens.

Or I’ll go through a weeding process to weed



01:24:35,600 –> 01:24:42,440

out all the ones that I’m really not looking

forward to, not eagerly waiting episodes.



01:24:42,440 –> 01:24:48,460

That has happened in the past. Which is how

I end up subscribing to so many more podcasts.



01:24:48,460 –> 01:24:58,940

I weed them down and then I don’t have enough

and I find new ones. Everything can be found



01:24:58,940 –> 01:25:14,840

over at my blog. So I’m changing the segment

to only new podcasts that I started listening



01:25:14,840 –> 01:25:28,580

  1. And I think that is it for this episode.

I think I’ve talked about everything. If I



01:25:28,580 –> 01:25:38,920

haven’t, let’s pretend I did and then I can

go to bed and work on editing this tomorrow.



01:25:38,920 –> 01:25:45,740

So yeah. Show notes and everything will be

over at freakishlemon.com. Don’t forget that



01:25:45,740 –> 01:25:52,850

we have a Ravelry group, so introduce yourself

in the introductions thread, ask any questions



01:25:52,850 –> 01:25:59,970

or suggestions in the suggestions thread.

I was thinking about maybe when I have my



01:25:59,970 –> 01:26:07,600

process completely figured out for the closed

captioning, maybe doing a tutorial video on



01:26:07,600 –> 01:26:19,960

how I make these episodes? If anybody’s interested

in the production side of video podcasts,



01:26:19,960 –> 01:26:28,210

I feel like that would be fun to do if anybody

wants to see that. Once I have my closed captioning



01:26:28,210 –> 01:26:37,450

process down. I’m still tweaking It. Ravelry,

so there’ll be episode threads, introduction



01:26:37,450 –> 01:26:43,010

thread, suggestions thread. If you feel like

you need to start a thread for anything for



01:26:43,010 –> 01:26:48,200

the group to talk about, feel free to do that.

If you can’t, let me know because I’m new



01:26:48,200 –> 01:26:58,160

to this. I’m not sure completely how it works.

What else? You can follow me as ‘FreakishLemon’



01:26:58,160 –> 01:27:05,590

on Twitter, Tumblr, Ravelry, Instagram- all

those wonderful places and the links to those



01:27:05,590 –> 01:27:16,260

wonderful places will be below here on YouTube.

Don’t forget to check out my shop at FreakishLemon.Etsy.com



01:27:16,260 –> 01:27:24,510

where you find stitch markers, embroidered

notebooks, project bags, and soon DPN cozy



01:27:24,510 –> 01:27:37,000

holder thingies. And that’s about it for me,

so I will see you in August. Goodbye.


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