Stuff on Sticks

FOs –

  • Hazel the Humpback Whale by Bec Brittain – Holiday Yarns grab bag yarn, Merry Little Lamp handspun, hand dyed wool in green, red, and grey  – US 0/2 mm aluminum DPNs         http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hazel-the-humpback-whale
  • Mulberry Hood Scarf – My own pattern – Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky – 80% acrylic, 20% wool in “Mulberry” – US 8/ 5.0 mm interchangeables
  • Graham by Jennifer Adams – The Ugly Room (80% SW merino, 20% nylon) in “Mermaid Tails” – US 4/ 3.5 mm and US 6/ 4.0 mm – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/graham-2

WIPs –

Stuff on Hooks

FOs –

WIPs –

  • Round Floor Poof – improvising the pattern – thick black acrylic mystery yarn – US J/ 6.00 mm
  • Granny Square Odds and Ends – Based off of a square seen on Attic24 – misc acrylic worsted weight – US H/ 5.00 mm

Stuff on Spindles and Wheels

FOs –

  • Trapper Keeper – 2 ply fractal spinning – Greenwood Fiberworks Pig Tails (Merino) in “Arcade” – drop spindle – 13 WPI, 64 yds, 14 g
  • Cappuccino – chain ply – Greenwood Fiberworks Pig Tails (Merino) in “Cappuccino” – drop spindle – 14 wpi, 51 yds, 14g
  • Trapeze (subject to change for the shop) – 2 ply fractal spinning – Frabjous Fibers (BFL) in “Trapeze” – Ashford Kiwi 2 – 216 yds, 104g

WIPs –

  • Blue/Orange/White/Yellow (definitely subject to change) – 3 ply – Dragonwool (Superwash BFL) with no colorway listed on the label – Ashford Kiwi 2

Stuff with Thread

FOs –

  • Zipper Project Bags – 1 striped back with a 14″ zipper, 1 Star Trek bag with a 12″ zipper

WIPs –

New Stuff

  • Raw Wood Elm Drop Spindle from sunniefairy on Etsy
  • Gear wheel drop spindle from Snyder Spindles on Etsy
  • Millinery Head
  • DPN Case from rosevans on Etsy
  • Sewing machine! Singler Talent
  • fat quarters and zippers for project bags and notions zip pouches

Stuff for Etsy

  • Handspun labels
  • Planning on a shop update at the beginning of April

Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching: Vikings, Peaky Blinders on Netflix, multiple Craftsy classes

Stuff I’m Reading: All the Wrong Questions Book 3: Shouldn’t You Be In School?

Stuff I’m Playing: Lego Lord of the Rings

Podcast Recommendations: Junkyarn Podcast (youtube.com/users/junkyarn) ; HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast (hppodcraft.com)

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00:00:01,160 –> 00:00:06,220

alright folks let’s do this thing again or 




00:00:13,299 –> 00:00:25,519

hello and welcome to the Freakish Lemon talks

about stuff video series podcast thing I suppose



00:00:25,519 –> 00:00:30,980

one of these days I’ll have to come up with

the name for it but here we go episode 2 of



00:00:30,980 –> 00:00:40,230

the stuff so welcome if you’re a new viewer

and you’ve stumbled upon this mess and welcome



00:00:40,230 –> 00:00:50,360

back if you were a previous viewer or something

I’m not very good at getting these things



00:00:50,360 –> 00:00:57,989

started hello I am the Freakish Lemon I go

by Adrian and I use male pronouns for whatever



00:00:57,989 –> 00:01:02,809

I’m about talk about you’ll be able to see

my show notes over at my blog at freakishlemon.



00:01:02,809 –> 00:01:12,770

com and you can follow me on Twitter, tumblr,

Pinterest, Ravelry, places under the username



00:01:12,770 –> 00:01:23,000

freakishlemon yeah so so that’s the thing

I am a little bit of a different view from



00:01:23,000 –> 00:01:28,930

the last video I made because it is raining

and cloudy outside so the light is a little



00:01:28,930 –> 00:01:35,340

weird but I think I’ve got it figured out

to go with my camera and all the things you



00:01:35,340 –> 00:01:43,060

just gonna see different parts of the shelves

and also some blank wall over there it’s a



00:01:43,060 –> 00:01:47,060

very rare piece of space for a blank wall

all the other walls are filled with things



00:01:47,060 –> 00:01:51,560

that’s the only one that’s blank sometimes

things are there for holidays but there’s



00:01:51,560 –> 00:02:01,150

nothing permanent that goes there so far maybe

one day but until then this is the view you’ll



00:02:01,150 –> 00:02:06,700

have to live with I guess who cares what my

wall looks like right you’re here to see the



00:02:06,700 –> 00:02:11,850

things that I’ve been making so let’s get

started with the first segment which is stuff



00:02:11,850 –> 00:02:23,000

on sticks I finished a few things huzzah first

of which is Hazel the Humpback Whale and I’ve



00:02:23,000 –> 00:02:28,450

written down a cue card for myself this time

so I won’t forget everything and have 50 million



00:02:28,450 –> 00:02:35,950

freakin’ jump cuts so I’m using the pattern

Hazel the Humpback Whale by Bec Brittain I



00:02:35,950 –> 00:02:47,810

knit her on US size 0 / 2.0 mm DPNs using

Holiday Yarns grab bag yarns you know odds



00:02:47,810 –> 00:02:55,760

and ends from her dye lots and some Merry

Little Lamb green, red, and grey here for



00:02:55,760 –> 00:03:04,010

the tail which is a handspun hand-dyed wool

that I lost all the labels for so I don’t



00:03:04,010 –> 00:03:08,500

have any more details than that other than

it’s from the Merry Little Lamb and here she



00:03:08,500 –> 00:03:15,880

is in all of her glory with her floppy tail

fins and her floppy fins and I’m really pleased



00:03:15,880 –> 00:03:21,750

the how she turned out as she lives on my

printer over off to the side and just kind



00:03:21,750 –> 00:03:28,709

of perched there in being a whale and I really

enjoy her maybe one day I’ll make another



00:03:28,709 –> 00:03:35,700

one in actual whale colors but until then

this is what I have and she’s lovely and I



00:03:35,700 –> 00:03:42,920

would definitely recommend this pattern if

you really want a whale if you’re a beginner



00:03:42,920 –> 00:03:49,790

maybe not so much because there are very few

repeated rows but it was an interesting exercise



00:03:49,790 –> 00:03:58,510

in plush construction I also finished that

Mulberry Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky hood



00:03:58,510 –> 00:04:04,240

scarf using a pattern of my own design I do

not have it here because it has gone to it’s



00:04:04,240 –> 00:04:09,620

new home because it was a commission for a

co-worker but I will put a picture up here



00:04:09,620 –> 00:04:25,190

if I can do the fancy things

and that was knit on US 8 / 5.0 mm needles

and I will be writing out that pattern at



00:04:25,190 –> 00:04:32,150

some point so it will be in my Ravelry patterns

someday if you want to make one for yourself



00:04:32,150 –> 00:04:43,169

I also finished that hat commission with the

Mermaid Tails yarn from The Ugly Room the



00:04:43,169 –> 00:04:51,350

superwash merino and nylon blend and I did

a Lion Brand white acrylic pom pom to go on



00:04:51,350 –> 00:04:57,410

top of it again I do not have that finished

item here because it has gone on to it’s new



00:04:57,410 –> 00:05:09,780

home but I will put up a picture and I used

to the Graham pattern by Jennifer Adams which



00:05:09,780 –> 00:05:16,680

is I believe free pattern on Ravelry I started

out with US 4 / 3.5 mm needles and I upped



00:05:16,680 –> 00:05:27,750

it up to US 6 / 4 .0 mm needles I do have

a loose gauge so I tend to be several at least



00:05:27,750 –> 00:05:36,230

one or two needle sizes lower than what’s

recommended for the pattern so make sure you



00:05:36,230 –> 00:05:40,790

check your gauge with the patterns before

doing anything that I’m doing because I know



00:05:40,790 –> 00:05:47,880

my my needle sizes are weird for the things

that I’m making sometimes I also finished



00:05:47,880 –> 00:05:56,100

another commission mostly I just have to wash

and block these but these are fingerless mitts



00:05:56,100 –> 00:06:03,680

using a slightly altered version of the pattern

Giving is Receiving by Uma Padu its in the



00:06:03,680 –> 00:06:08,889

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in colorway Mulberry

to match the hood scarf because it’s for the



00:06:08,889 –> 00:06:15,430

same person and I did alter the pattern a

little bit I cast on fewer stitches and I



00:06:15,430 –> 00:06:21,550

made the palms just straight ribbing instead

of the sort of broken rib that she has in



00:06:21,550 –> 00:06:29,430

her pattern and also I think they’re shorter

than the pattern calls for but this is what



00:06:29,430 –> 00:06:34,850

I had done with the brown ones that I talked

about I think I talked about in last episode



00:06:34,850 –> 00:06:41,440

if I didn’t I’m sorry for another person who

had a discontinued yarn for her hood scarf



00:06:41,440 –> 00:06:48,440

and gloves so I had to make the yarn fit and

the person who’s getting these tried on the



00:06:48,440 –> 00:06:57,750

brown ones at work and said she wanted the

same thing so I did the same alterations and



00:06:57,750 –> 00:07:05,229

they’re they’re very squishy because it’s

chunky yarn this will be very warm not that



00:07:05,229 –> 00:07:10,780

she’s going to need it now because it’s been

warmed for the past week it’s been 40 degrees



00:07:10,780 –> 00:07:18,380

Fahrenheit which I mean we’ve had its been

averaging out to about 0 degrees Fahrenheit



00:07:18,380 –> 00:07:23,660

for all of February and the first couple weeks

of March so it feels really warm and all the



00:07:23,660 –> 00:07:30,250

snow is melting it makes me very sad because

I love winter but everyone else happy so I



00:07:30,250 –> 00:07:39,580

guess that’s alright and I knit these on US

5 / 3.75 mm DPNs I think they were just bamboo



00:07:39,580 –> 00:07:45,360

ones that I picked up at Joann’s so I have

two works in progress on sticks right now



00:07:45,360 –> 00:07:52,419

I have my Christmas sock that I showed you

last episode I worked a little bit on it last



00:07:52,419 –> 00:08:02,710

night it’s in the Red Heart Heart & Sole with

Aloe in the colorway Christmas it’s just a



00:08:02,710 –> 00:08:13,560

plain vanilla sock pattern it’s the Soldier

Sock by I forgot who Jessica Day George these



00:08:13,560 –> 00:08:21,820

are US 1 / 2.25 mm aluminum DPNs they’re pretty

worn I don’t know if you can see in this light



00:08:21,820 –> 00:08:27,789

but you can see that that paint has started

being rubbed off on the ends cuz I use these



00:08:27,789 –> 00:08:34,550

all the time for socks but it’s a simple sock

and I’m really liking how this is actually



00:08:34,550 –> 00:08:43,839

a turning out you can’t really tell from the

skein what the color pattern is going to be



00:08:43,839 –> 00:08:59,209

and it doesn’t say that it’s a striping anywhere

I don’t think nope no it doesn’t say it’s



00:08:59,209 –> 00:09:06,670

a striping anywhere so I wasn’s sure here

it looks like a variegated but it’s turning



00:09:06,670 –> 00:09:12,939

out to be a little more stripey than I thought

it would be and I actually liking it itlooks



00:09:12,939 –> 00:09:20,639

like a bunch of Christmas-y scraps and so

far there hasn’t been an exact color repeat



00:09:20,639 –> 00:09:27,309

I mean there’s a couple of greens that are

very close this red and this red are very



00:09:27,309 –> 00:09:36,800

close but it’s not in the same order so far

I’ll be interested to see how the color progression



00:09:36,800 –> 00:09:45,529

continues when I get closer to finishing this

sock and you might see these socks for a few



00:09:45,529 –> 00:09:54,019

episodes because it’s my I don’t want to think

while I’m doing anything socks so not as often



00:09:54,019 –> 00:10:00,709

worked on as other projects and I have one

more other project on sticks and I cast this



00:10:00,709 –> 00:10:05,220

on because I wanted to do a bit of selfish

knitting after all these comissiong I’ve been



00:10:05,220 –> 00:10:31,619

doing it is the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

by Orange Flower Yarn



00:10:31,619 –> 00:10:40,639

this is in Hundred Ravens yarn which is a

merino in the colorway Rohan at Stitches in



00:10:40,639 –> 00:10:45,489

2013 Stitches East she had a booth and in

her booth in the center table was Lord of



00:10:45,489 –> 00:10:51,209

the Rings inspired colorways so I immediately

bought two my mother immediately bought one



00:10:51,209 –> 00:10:57,079

it was the first booth we stopped at at Stitches

East and when oh boy this is this is how it’s



00:10:57,079 –> 00:11:02,649

going to be because if we walked away and

came back they’d be gone so here’s Rohan which



00:11:02,649 –> 00:11:24,929

is this kind of a kind of a muted red a muted

pinkish red and grey which I really like

and the stitch markers I’m using are ones



00:11:24,929 –> 00:11:33,629

I made out of a couple of plastic beads I

don’t know if they’re actually doing anything



00:11:33,629 –> 00:11:42,519

these are beads that I got in my sophomore

chemistry class I don’t even know what we



00:11:42,519 –> 00:11:47,139

were studying but he passed out these little

packets of beads they look white after they’ve



00:11:47,139 –> 00:11:51,329

been in the dark but when you put them in

the sun they turn colors I don’t know if the



00:11:51,329 –> 00:11:59,420

chemicals that do that in these beads still

work because I keep these in a bag but maybe



00:11:59,420 –> 00:12:03,879

I’ll leave these out and see if they’ll change

colors in the sun but it’s just a couple of



00:12:03,879 –> 00:12:11,660

jump rings and some plastic beads to mark

where I need to do my increases and I’m doing



00:12:11,660 –> 00:12:28,589

this on US 4 / 3.5 millimeter circulars and

here is the Hundred Ravens tag what are you



00:12:28,589 –> 00:12:37,850

doing she doesn’t want to come on camera you

wanna say hello to YouTube say hello look



00:12:37,850 –> 00:12:52,019

at the camera look look right there look shes

very excited about the windows this is Penny



00:12:52,019 –> 00:12:57,989

she’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who doesn’t want

to be up in my arms right now she was born



00:12:57,989 –> 00:13:11,350

in October so about five months old and she’s

being a little snot right now yes she is I



00:13:11,350 –> 00:13:15,420

thought she needed something that apparently

she just wanted to play so that’ll have to



00:13:15,420 –> 00:13:22,189

wait ’til after this video so we’ll move on

to my next segment stuff on hooks so I mentioned



00:13:22,189 –> 00:13:27,629

in my last episode that I bought some Tunisian

crochet hooks and I was looking forward to



00:13:27,629 –> 00:13:35,399

Tunisian crocheting well I went a little bit

crazy and I made a whole bunch of wash clothes



00:13:35,399 –> 00:13:44,399

that are going to go into the bin for things

to gift or things to sell at a future date



00:13:44,399 –> 00:13:59,790

whole bunch of them I just basically spent

a day doing that and I used the size I / 5.5



00:13:59,790 –> 00:14:08,989

mm Tunisian crochet hook and a whole bunch

of scrap cotton that I have a lot of Lily



00:14:08,989 –> 00:14:21,199

Sugar n’ Cream and some Bernat Handicrafter

Cotton Deluxe and some Lion Brand Cotton-Ease



00:14:21,199 –> 00:14:28,619

all scrap bits I also went digging around

in the craft stuff upstairs and I found these



00:14:28,619 –> 00:14:40,489

wooden eggs so I did some crocheted lacey

egg things I used the Crochet Covered Easter



00:14:40,489 –> 00:14:55,939

Eggs pattern by flax and twine and Ann B Weil

something and I used a 1.5 mm hook there wasn’t



00:14:55,939 –> 00:15:05,049

a size a US size on the hook just 1.5 mm and

some spare crochet thread I had now a couple



00:15:05,049 –> 00:15:10,989

of these eggs are naked because I like how

wooden eggs look and I did one decoupaged



00:15:10,989 –> 00:15:19,509

egg with some paper from an independent bookstore

that no longer exists I think I bought one



00:15:19,509 –> 00:15:25,389

book from them and it came in this pretty

paper bag dog is crying hang on I gotta go



00:15:25,389 –> 00:15:30,410

see if she has to go out out for real turns

out she did have to go outside so now I’m



00:15:30,410 –> 00:15:35,439

a little waterlogged from being out in the

rain but we can keep going I talked about



00:15:35,439 –> 00:15:42,169

my finished stuff on hooks I have done no

new granny squares for the collection of granny



00:15:42,169 –> 00:15:50,619

squares but I have started something new I’ve

started crocheting one of those round floor



00:15:50,619 –> 00:15:58,790

pouf thingies right now it looks just like

a giant circle I have started the up the side



00:15:58,790 –> 00:16:10,819

bits but I have a whole bunch of this mystery

black acrylic yarn and I figure I can do something



00:16:10,819 –> 00:16:17,769

for upstairs in the craft room for when I’m

digging through my yarn cubes so a floor pouf



00:16:17,769 –> 00:16:24,569

I’m not using a pattern I’m just I did a big

circle and then I’m going to go straight up



00:16:24,569 –> 00:16:44,739

and then I’m going to do some more circle

I’m using a size J / 5.0 mm 6.0 6.0 mm I couldn’t



00:16:44,739 –> 00:16:57,119

read my card from over there I will continue

to work on this that I believe is it for crochet



00:16:57,119 –> 00:17:04,530

stuff okay so next I have stuff on spindles

and wheels I’ve done a bit of spinning since



00:17:04,530 –> 00:17:12,140

my last episode and I have a couple of finished

things and a couple of things in progress



00:17:12,140 –> 00:17:20,050

first thing I finished was this little mini

skein it is from the Greenwood Fiberworks



00:17:20,050 –> 00:17:28,700

merino mini braids this is the arcade braid

which I’m going to put up in my shop and called



00:17:28,700 –> 00:17:40,170

Trapper Keeper because it reminds me of the

Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper colors the flying



00:17:40,170 –> 00:17:47,220

dolphins in the sky in the cat unicorns and

things that’s what it looks like this is 64



00:17:47,220 –> 00:18:00,560

yards with a 13 wraps per inch weight so about

a light sport weight and very soft and super



00:18:00,560 –> 00:18:08,880

Bright and I’m very pleased with how this

turned out this was on my drop spindle I’m



00:18:08,880 –> 00:18:14,550

dropspindling all the little mini braids I

also finished this mini braid from the same



00:18:14,550 –> 00:18:21,750

thing this is the colorway cappuccino I haven’t

decided what to do with this yet I did this



00:18:21,750 –> 00:18:28,490

one a chain ply which I had limited success

with in the past but this actually turned



00:18:28,490 –> 00:18:39,930

out really nicely this ended up being about

51 yards and it’s got a 14 wraps per inch



00:18:39,930 –> 00:18:52,870

so maybe a heavy fingering weight I’m going

by the Ravelry wraps per inch guide so I think



00:18:52,870 –> 00:18:59,960

15 is a fingering weight 15 or 16 is a fingering

weight according to that so it’s a little



00:18:59,960 –> 00:19:06,180

lighter than a sport weight and I really like

how the color blends turned out cuz it goes



00:19:06,180 –> 00:19:20,780

from this dark almost gray brown out to the

white and back and then I just finished this



00:19:20,780 –> 00:19:33,220

on my wheel this is spun from a braid from

Frabjous Fibers in their Trapeze colorway



00:19:33,220 –> 00:19:41,410

it is hand-dyed Blue-Faced Leicester spun

two-ply fractal spinning on my Ashford Kiwi



00:19:41,410 –> 00:19:47,350

wheel it’s a little bit damp yet because I

just finished it this week and it was drying



00:19:47,350 –> 00:19:52,780

overnight so it’s still got a little ways

to go for the drying but I do like how it



00:19:52,780 –> 00:19:59,400

turned out I haven’t done a wraps per inch

guide yet but I think it averages out to about



00:19:59,400 –> 00:20:09,740

a worsted weight and this one when I spun

it I did a very relaxed spin for this I wasn’t



00:20:09,740 –> 00:20:15,290

trying to get it to a specific weight I just

kind of let the fiber do what it wanted to



00:20:15,290 –> 00:20:26,520

do so it’s actually a little more woolen then

what I normally spend so it’s it’s pretty



00:20:26,520 –> 00:20:33,380

soft against a little damp so it might be

a little softer when it fully dries but this



00:20:33,380 –> 00:20:43,170

will be up in my shop when it’s dry and ready

to go and I do a shop update it’s about what



00:20:43,170 –> 00:20:59,440

did I measure it out to be it’s about 210

yards for this and then I did have one single



00:20:59,440 –> 00:21:04,810

that was longer than the others because that’s

how I roll and I chain plied it it’s it’s



00:21:04,810 –> 00:21:12,980

like 16 yards it’s nothing it’s going into

my odds and ends to work with I haven’t washed



00:21:12,980 –> 00:21:25,000

it yet so it might fluff out a little more

this is it on my interchangeable niddy-noddy



00:21:25,000 –> 00:21:32,890

and I think this is the first time I’ve chain

plied on my wheel and I’m not sure how I like



00:21:32,890 –> 00:21:42,370

how this turned out but I’m going to next

time I start a new bunch of fiber I’m gonna



00:21:42,370 –> 00:21:47,940

chain ply it and get some practice in on that

and right now the only work in progress I



00:21:47,940 –> 00:21:57,370

have on the wheel is this this is something

I didn’t write it down this is superwash BFL



00:21:57,370 –> 00:22:12,410

from Dragonswool.com they must’ve had a booth

somewhere where I bought from them maybe from



00:22:12,410 –> 00:22:24,690

the Coventry farmers market maybe from stitches

but it’s this beautiful it goes blue to yellow



00:22:24,690 –> 00:22:29,000

to orange you can’t really see the orange

on this is bobbin this is one third of the



00:22:29,000 –> 00:22:36,560

fiber I’m going to do a 3 ply on it I brought

it’s in a plastic bag because I divided them



00:22:36,560 –> 00:22:49,940

all up here is 1/6 so I do two I split the

fiber into six pieces and two of them are



00:22:49,940 –> 00:22:57,730

going into each of the plies so you get orange

down to yellow down to a greenish blue where



00:22:57,730 –> 00:23:04,040

it blends with the yellow to a blue and there’s

some you can see some kind of not really dyed



00:23:04,040 –> 00:23:08,080

pieces so you get a little bit of white in

there too it’s really pretty and I’m excited



00:23:08,080 –> 00:23:19,810

to see how three plies of it will look when

I ply them together but I’m using some refined



00:23:19,810 –> 00:23:28,970

techniques this thing over here is going to

fall again spinning this more worsted with



00:23:28,970 –> 00:23:42,220

a short forward draw stop it and it’s more

worsted so I’ve actually squeezed some of



00:23:42,220 –> 00:23:47,080

the air out of the fiber so it’s going to

be a sleeker which I think is how it got so



00:23:47,080 –> 00:23:53,320

thin is this is probably the finest I’ve ever

been able to consistently spin any fiber so



00:23:53,320 –> 00:24:00,020

I’m excited to see how that will turn out

and next I have stuff with thread which I’ve



00:24:00,020 –> 00:24:06,500

actually been doing quite bit of this past

week and I’ll tell you why in the new stuff



00:24:06,500 –> 00:24:15,410

segment but I did make some progress on my

Christmas cross stitch from the Frosted Pumpkin



00:24:15,410 –> 00:24:22,390

Stitchery you see I just have the “a” square

in the “s” sqaure left before the border there’s



00:24:22,390 –> 00:24:28,850

a little Mrs. Claus which is new some toys

which are new I think I had the snowman done



00:24:28,850 –> 00:24:37,760

in my last video but if not I have snowmen

so just an angel on a tree is going here and



00:24:37,760 –> 00:24:41,190

Santa Claus is going there in the “s” because

there is no Santa here yet on this Christmas



00:24:41,190 –> 00:24:47,350

cross stitch and then it is the white border

which I think I’m going to outline in red



00:24:47,350 –> 00:24:53,360

and then I will be done with this finally

that’s exciting I’m gonna push to finish the



00:24:53,360 –> 00:25:03,830

letter this week and have this thing finished

by my next video but I also started some new



00:25:03,830 –> 00:25:08,750

things that may eventually end up in the shop

I have to do a little bit more tweaking and



00:25:08,750 –> 00:25:18,480

experimentation but I started an attempt at

simple project bags here is the first attempt



00:25:18,480 –> 00:25:27,440

using a couple of fat quarters and a 14″ zipper

this is a little big for my taste I mean it



00:25:27,440 –> 00:25:33,870

might end up being shawl project bag it’s

just got white inside and you can see where



00:25:33,870 –> 00:25:44,320

I got sewing machine grease on it but it was

pretty simple to make and I wanted a simple



00:25:44,320 –> 00:25:50,490

project and there’s my little Freakish Lemon

tag but it’s kind of floppy and it’s kind



00:25:50,490 –> 00:25:59,730

of big and not really what I wanted out of

it so I made another one where’s the front



00:25:59,730 –> 00:26:12,340

so I made a Star Trek one out of my Star Trek

fabric and inside there is the Enterprise



00:26:12,340 –> 00:26:23,620

fabric hope you can see that it’s the Enterprise

and I do have a couple of sock skeins skeins



00:26:23,620 –> 00:26:29,310

of yarn for socks in there because I wanted

to see how much room would be in this thing



00:26:29,310 –> 00:26:37,840

there’s my little Lemon this one I did I put

some interfacing on the back of this fabric



00:26:37,840 –> 00:26:41,740

so that it’s a little bit stiffer it will

stand up on its own even without the yarn



00:26:41,740 –> 00:26:48,480

in here which is nice cuz if you just want

to put it down next to your chair it’s not



00:26:48,480 –> 00:26:56,400

gonna flop all over the place while you’re

knitting so I really like how this one turned



00:26:56,400 –> 00:27:04,470

out I might experiment with making it a little

bit shorter there’s still a lot of air up



00:27:04,470 –> 00:27:12,610

here I mean some people will like that but

it seems a little bit too tall for me so just



00:27:12,610 –> 00:27:20,480

a little bit shorter I don’t know I have some

things that I want to try out first and I



00:27:20,480 –> 00:27:28,059

haven’t put it through the wash test yet so

I need to wash it and I have made no progress



00:27:28,059 –> 00:27:35,670

on my quilt my quilt has sat there and done

nothing and here is my segment for new stuff



00:27:35,670 –> 00:27:40,809

which is going to be a long segment today

because I went a little crazy and I got a



00:27:40,809 –> 00:27:49,960

bunch of new stuff first new thing got was

a new DPN needle case I was keeping my DPNs



00:27:49,960 –> 00:27:55,080

in my straight needle case which is much taller

but they kept falling out everytime I opened



00:27:55,080 –> 00:28:09,320

it so I got a new DPN needle case from Roslyn

Evans on Etsy let me just open this up so



00:28:09,320 –> 00:28:18,320

it’s this blue red orange grey chevron pattern

on the front it’s grey on the inside there’s



00:28:18,320 –> 00:28:22,110

a flap and I don’t want to spill my needles

everywhere so it’s a little awkward right



00:28:22,110 –> 00:28:30,430

now there’s a bunch my DPNs and they stay

in here very comfortably and don’t fall out



00:28:30,430 –> 00:28:36,309

when I open this normally and not on camera

I wouldn’t be surprised if they fell out right



00:28:36,309 –> 00:28:41,830

now I also got two new drop spindles that

came in I think I mentioned them in the last



00:28:41,830 –> 00:28:54,280

episode this is a raw elm drop spindle from

sunniefairy on Etsy it doesn’t have a notch



00:28:54,280 –> 00:29:01,660

which I found a little confusing when I started

to spin with it but I spun the Trapper Keeper



00:29:01,660 –> 00:29:10,600

on this and it actually ended up working very

well so I like this spindle and this is a



00:29:10,600 –> 00:29:18,460

gear spindle from Snyder spindles on Etsy

there of a similar weight you can see this



00:29:18,460 –> 00:29:24,100

one’s a little shorter than this one this

one’s a little bit lighter than this one too



00:29:24,100 –> 00:29:32,240

you can see if I have no shortage of notches

to spin from I spend the cappuccino on this



00:29:32,240 –> 00:29:40,070

and it took a little bit of getting used to

there’s a couple of rough edges here along



00:29:40,070 –> 00:29:48,050

the hook and one of these gears the fiber

of getting stuck on one of the little teeth



00:29:48,050 –> 00:29:54,390

is a little rougher than the other ones that

keep getting stuck on there but I think with



00:29:54,390 –> 00:30:03,580

continued use this will be a great drop spindle

to work with and I really like how it looks



00:30:03,580 –> 00:30:11,370

because it’s a gear and that’s really cool

the weirdest thing I bought recently is this



00:30:11,370 –> 00:30:23,400

thing it is a milliner head thing used for

blocking out you know crowns of hats got it



00:30:23,400 –> 00:30:32,830

off of ebay for $38 I won a bid I never won

a bid on eBay before so $38 dollars isn’t



00:30:32,830 –> 00:30:43,540

that bad a brand new one usually sells at

least for my my research was like $60 for



00:30:43,540 –> 00:30:52,860

a wooden head to put hats on so almost half

price for a used one off of ebay is not bad



00:30:52,860 –> 00:30:59,690

does have a lot of pin holes in it but I’m

going to use this for blocking hats and photographing



00:30:59,690 –> 00:31:09,170

hats cause my stupid little foam head that

I photogrash all my hats on is so much smaller



00:31:09,170 –> 00:31:16,340

than my head so anything that I’m making for

me or for a human with a head that is not



00:31:16,340 –> 00:31:22,860

child size looks like a giant hat on this

foam head even if I stuff a wig under there



00:31:22,860 –> 00:31:36,559

so it looks giant so this is more head sized

here’s a hat I made a while back and well



00:31:36,559 –> 00:31:42,720

this hat is kind of long because this is made

of some of my very first handspun so I wasn’t



00:31:42,720 –> 00:31:47,190

quite sure how it was going to react when

I knit it so it’s longer than the head but



00:31:47,190 –> 00:31:57,210

you can see it’s a much better fit on the

crown than my foam head which I had like 3



00:31:57,210 –> 00:32:08,640

inches of a gap when I put this hat on the

foam head I also stopped at Joann’s on Thursday



00:32:08,640 –> 00:32:16,900

for some new project bag making stuff nothing

in my fabric stash was really calling to me



00:32:16,900 –> 00:32:22,100

to make project bags out of it yet so I stopped

and got some fat quarters because fat quarters



00:32:22,100 –> 00:32:32,460

were on sale and zippers so I’ve got these

fat quarters with monsters and then this will



00:32:32,460 –> 00:32:41,300

be the inside lining fabric this orange and

red fabric with a blue zipper 12″ zipper everybody’s



00:32:41,300 –> 00:32:56,440

so loud in my house I got this owl fabric

with this kind of turquoise color to go in



00:32:56,440 –> 00:33:02,670

for the lining with just a white zipper I

couldn’t find an off-white zipper that I liked



00:33:02,670 –> 00:33:18,309

to go with it but the white zipper will work


and I got this fast food fabric with red to



00:33:18,309 –> 00:33:34,590

go in for the lining with a red zipper

and also I got a bunch more zippers I got

some 6″ zippers for the little zipper pouches



00:33:34,590 –> 00:33:40,920

that I sell on Etsy I have one more 12″ zipper

in case I do find anything in my stash that’s



00:33:40,920 –> 00:33:46,220

blue that will make a good project bag and

I got one 4″ zipper it was the only black



00:33:46,220 –> 00:33:52,500

4″ zipper for those tiny zipper pouches I

do everyone in my house is laughing really



00:33:52,500 –> 00:33:57,450

loudly I’m sorry if you can hear it on camera

but I did get a whole bunch of zippers because



00:33:57,450 –> 00:34:05,290

the most exciting new stuff that I got since

the last episode is a brand new sewing machine



00:34:05,290 –> 00:34:15,539

my old one was dying my old one was a singer

inspiration I got it probably a decade ago



00:34:15,539 –> 00:34:20,429

and it’s been through some rough times it’s

been through college it’s been through high



00:34:20,429 –> 00:34:28,589

school a little bit of high school probably

senior year of high school and no matter what



00:34:28,589 –> 00:34:34,649

I did the tension would not a just and about

every 30 or 40 stitches the needle would jerk



00:34:34,649 –> 00:34:39,179

to the left which you know if I could get

some stitches going they would inevitably



00:34:39,179 –> 00:34:45,139

be crooked because something in the machine

was yanking the thread so that it yanked the



00:34:45,139 –> 00:34:50,069

needle to the left it just there’s nothing

I could do my sister’s machine had a similar



00:34:50,069 –> 00:34:57,210

problem in August September or August and

she brought it to a machine shop and they



00:34:57,210 –> 00:35:01,930

told her that I was not worth fixing they

have to destroy the chassis in order to fix



00:35:01,930 –> 00:35:06,190

it in which case you can’t really use it because

it’s just naked machinery when you destroy



00:35:06,190 –> 00:35:12,339

the chassis so since mine was having same

problem and we had the same model of sewing



00:35:12,339 –> 00:35:20,249

machine I decided it was time to retire that

machine I will be putting it up on freecycle



00:35:20,249 –> 00:35:26,480

for parts or if anybody wants to try and fix

it so if you are local to Northwestern Connecticut



00:35:26,480 –> 00:35:33,599

keep an eye out for it I will put it up there

if anybody wants it so I got a new sewing



00:35:33,599 –> 00:35:38,089

machine it is Singer sewing machine again

because I like singer sewing machines and



00:35:38,089 –> 00:35:45,619

it’s a singer talent so it’s kind of the if

you go on the spectrum of singer sewing machines



00:35:45,619 –> 00:35:50,269

it’s not at the beginning where it’s super

cheapy cheap and basic it’s kind of in the



00:35:50,269 –> 00:35:58,089

middle and I played with it a lot when I got

it I went through all the stitches and different



00:35:58,089 –> 00:36:02,539

stitch length and made little swatches and

I learned how to make a buttonhole since I’d



00:36:02,539 –> 00:36:07,180

never learned how to do that before on a machine

I learned how to make a buttonhole I learned



00:36:07,180 –> 00:36:12,059

how to sew a button on using the machine it

was very exciting which is why I started making



00:36:12,059 –> 00:36:17,859

project bags so now I can replace the zipper

pouches that have sold out in my shop and



00:36:17,859 –> 00:36:21,730

start a bunch of new things for the shop and

eventually get back to my stupid quilt which



00:36:21,730 –> 00:36:31,430

is sitting upstairs hanging out stuff for

etsy I haven’t really done anything specifically



00:36:31,430 –> 00:36:37,589

for Etsy other than some handspinning and

the project bags the only thing I’ve really



00:36:37,589 –> 00:36:45,989

done is made up some new handspun labels I

will when I’ve finished the handspun setting



00:36:45,989 –> 00:36:50,920

up for the shop I print out a label with the

name of it and all the information and I stick



00:36:50,920 –> 00:36:57,609

it in here and on the outside it’s got my

little Lemon on it using different kinds of



00:36:57,609 –> 00:37:04,640

paper and things but that’s really all I’ve

done specifically I am going to do more for



00:37:04,640 –> 00:37:13,589

the shop before the next episode I want to

do a an April shop update with a bunch of



00:37:13,589 –> 00:37:21,599

new stuff all the Christmas stuff has expired

so I can just retire that for now but I want



00:37:21,599 –> 00:37:27,480

to get some stuff back in the shop for April

because I am the end of my commission list



00:37:27,480 –> 00:37:34,420

is near I finished those fingerless gloves

I have one more hood scarf to do and I have



00:37:34,420 –> 00:37:41,109

a small key card holder which will take me

an afternoon so I can stop doing that which



00:37:41,109 –> 00:37:46,349

is giving me some little bit of income and

start doing the other thing that gives me



00:37:46,349 –> 00:37:55,859

a little bit of income so I be working on

that stuff and I will be some stitch markers



00:37:55,859 –> 00:38:02,539

and I will be doing some a whole bunch of

moleskiene notebooks that I embroider and



00:38:02,539 –> 00:38:09,720

I have some new designs that I want to get

out there like for the Black Widow and probably



00:38:09,720 –> 00:38:18,730

Captain Marvel and hopefully Ms. Marvel some

lady superheroes to add to the mix cause I



00:38:18,730 –> 00:38:28,869

don’t really have any lady superheroes in

my shop yet so I will be doing that hopefully



00:38:28,869 –> 00:38:38,359

soon hopefully and finally reached other stuff

stuff I am watching right now I am mostly



00:38:38,359 –> 00:38:43,890

caught up on all the ongoing shows Vikings

started back up since the last episode so



00:38:43,890 –> 00:38:49,650

I have a couple of episodes of that that I

need to watch I started marathoning on Netflix



00:38:49,650 –> 00:38:55,759

the show Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy

which I’m really liking so far I’m a couple



00:38:55,759 –> 00:39:01,749

episodes into season 2 and I’m really enjoying

it so far I also went on a bit of a Craftsy



00:39:01,749 –> 00:39:09,289

class tear for about week and a half I bought

and watched Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You



00:39:09,289 –> 00:39:15,920

Really Want with Jillian Moreno I bought Drafting

from Worsted to Woolen with Jacey Boggs Faulkner



00:39:15,920 –> 00:39:21,759

which I haven’t quite finished but I watched

a whole bunch of it all at once and Sew Ready



00:39:21,759 –> 00:39:30,289

Machine Basics with Amy Allen to get ready

for my brand new sewing machine so loud over



00:39:30,289 –> 00:39:37,460

there oh my god okay and then Stashbusting:

Make the Most of the Yarns You Have with Clara



00:39:37,460 –> 00:39:45,269

Parkes? Parker I can’t read my handwriting

I’m going to guess that’s Parkes my camera



00:39:45,269 –> 00:39:52,519

made a noise I was afraid it shut off so yes

all things relevant to my interests right



00:39:52,519 –> 00:39:58,710

now that I’ve been watching it like a crazy

person thing’s that I stuff that I’ve been



00:39:58,710 –> 00:40:08,650

reading mostly just All the Wrong Questions

Book 3: Shouldn’t You be in School? by Lemony



00:40:08,650 –> 00:40:16,099

Snicket I talked about book 2 in the last

episode it’s been this and you know craft



00:40:16,099 –> 00:40:24,680

blogs and fanfiction but I’m almost finished

with this I only have a couple of chapters



00:40:24,680 –> 00:40:30,059

to go there’s my bookmark next I think I’ll

start Night Watch by Terry Pratchett which



00:40:30,059 –> 00:40:38,210

my sister bought for me for Christmas he sadly

passed away this week so I think I owe it



00:40:38,210 –> 00:40:45,039

to myself to read one of his books that I’ve

always been meaning to read but I never know



00:40:45,039 –> 00:40:49,900

which books I’ve read and I haven’t because

I love Terry Pratchett books and I’ve read



00:40:49,900 –> 00:40:56,390

a lot of them so I’ll do Night Watch next

stuff I am playing still playing Lego Lord



00:40:56,390 –> 00:41:02,690

of the Rings I haven’t gotten much further

since last episode because I’ve been trying



00:41:02,690 –> 00:41:11,160

to get the commissioning stuff done and while

I can do many things together like watching



00:41:11,160 –> 00:41:17,190

and knitting and reading and knitting playing

video games and knitting doesn’t really work



00:41:17,190 –> 00:41:23,099

so that’s been kidn of put on hold but I’m

gonna do some of that today I think because



00:41:23,099 –> 00:41:30,979

I love Lego games and podcast recommendations

I’ve decided between last episode and this



00:41:30,979 –> 00:41:36,539

episode that I’m going to do one knitting

related and one not since I have been watching



00:41:36,539 –> 00:41:42,339

a lot of knitting related podcasts recently

well watching and listening depending on what



00:41:42,339 –> 00:41:47,339

type of podcast they are so the knitting related

podcast I’m goingt to suggest is one that



00:41:47,339 –> 00:41:54,339

I started a couple of weeks ago that everybody’s

into right now is the Junkyarn Podcast here



00:41:54,339 –> 00:42:01,289

on YouTube so if you search for junkyarn you’ll

get her podcast and it’s a great podcast she



00:42:01,289 –> 00:42:11,269

fantastic oh my god they’re so loud I really

hope you can’t hear them because they’re so



00:42:11,269 –> 00:42:17,720

loud uh but the Junkyarn Podcast is a great

podcast and I highly recommend it she’s a



00:42:17,720 –> 00:42:24,190

really funny and I love watching her talk

about stuff so the non-knitting podcast that



00:42:24,190 –> 00:42:35,440

I’m going to recommend has a really great

episode out right now they do everything third



00:42:35,440 –> 00:42:43,279

episode is free there is a paid tier to have

more episodes but it’s generally once a month



00:42:43,279 –> 00:42:54,869

one is free and that’s enough for me but it’s

I think $6.66 per quarter for the podcast



00:42:54,869 –> 00:43:00,049

it’s really not a lot of money and I might

up it and as soon as you subscribe to the



00:43:00,049 –> 00:43:06,329

paid tier you get all of the episodes that

were under that pay tier but it is the HP



00:43:06,329 –> 00:43:16,559

Lovecraft Literary Podcast at hppodcraft.com

right now March is for Dracula so they are



00:43:16,559 –> 00:43:25,499

reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and talking

about Dracula which is very exciting as they



00:43:25,499 –> 00:43:34,069

do have all the HP Lovecraft episodes for

his stuff free I believe that’s how they started



00:43:34,069 –> 00:43:40,420

the podcast by going through all of HP Lovecraft’s

short stories and novels I think he had one



00:43:40,420 –> 00:43:47,829

or two novels they went through all of those

then ran out of work and then started doing



00:43:47,829 –> 00:43:53,140

works that he had talked about in articles

or works that were adjacent or people he had



00:43:53,140 –> 00:44:01,559

worked with and now it’s kind of weird fiction

stuff it’s it’s a lot of ghosts and weird



00:44:01,559 –> 00:44:09,720

things from other dimensions and Dracula and

it’s really fun to hear their take on these



00:44:09,720 –> 00:44:16,519

weird fiction things there’s some historical

information that they get to look up and relating



00:44:16,519 –> 00:44:21,890

different writers to each other and why this

story might sound a little weird compared



00:44:21,890 –> 00:44:28,279

to the other stories that kind thing it’s

a great podcast to listen to if you love weird



00:44:28,279 –> 00:44:40,150

fiction and I think everyone can use a little

weird fiction in their lives right right or



00:44:40,150 –> 00:44:47,390

something and that is pretty much it for this

episode I know I said in the last episode



00:44:47,390 –> 00:44:51,479

that was probably going to be the longest

I didn’t anticipate doing this many things



00:44:51,479 –> 00:44:59,749

between February and March it is almost exactly

one month since I made that video and I didn’t



00:44:59,749 –> 00:45:07,380

I didn’t expect to be doing so many things

so sorry this episode is so long I tried to



00:45:07,380 –> 00:45:16,569

stream line it a little bit so that I wouldn’t

stop and ramble quite so much hopefully I



00:45:16,569 –> 00:45:23,950

‘ve done a good job of that it will make editing

this video a lot easier so that’s it for me



00:45:23,950 –> 00:45:31,279

right now remember you can find all the show

notes at my blog at freakishlemon.com and



00:45:31,279 –> 00:45:39,089

you can follow me on Twitter, tumblr, Instagram,

Pinterest, Ravelry, all the good places as



00:45:39,089 –> 00:45:48,019

freakishlemon feel free to drop a comment

by that didn’t work feel free to send me a



00:45:48,019 –> 00:45:55,779

direct message or send me a message or whatever

and say hi because I like hearing from people



00:45:55,779 –> 00:46:01,670

who occasionally watch my stuff so I think

that’s it I think that’s what we’re going



00:46:01,670 –> 00:46:06,799

to go with I think I’m gonna guess that is

the end of the episode I guess as if anybody



00:46:06,799 –> 00:46:12,390

is in charge of this but me so yes stop talking

now goodbye


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