Episode 61: Back at Rhinebeck


Filmed on Saturday 10/27/18

Podcast Stuff

  • Transcript and CC – Podcast episodes are going to be released slower in relation to the filming date because I want to make more of an effort to transcribe and CC these episodes. I discovered that YouTube has made an effort to do the automatic transcription on videos longer than 45 minutes, so I’m going to be using that to clean up and make CC’s and transcriptions for my episodes. I did the CC on the last video and I’ve added to CC as a transcription to the post on freakishlemon.com. I’ve added the transcription to any posts where I had a CC file for back episodes. If anyone would like to help me edit the auto CC files, please check out the link below. It takes a while to go through these and I have a not small amount of back episodes to work on, so any help would be appreciated. Episode CC Project
  • 2018 Blanket MAL! There’s a thread up on Rav for photos and discussion, so please join us there as you work on blankets.



  • Fingering Weight Sweater Blank Sweater by Renee Callahan – Brother KH 836e knitting machine with the KR850 ribber – Dial set to 8 for stst, ended up using 7/7 for the ribbing – Grinning Gargoyle Khaleesi Sock in “Shiny Penny” and Knit Picks Stroll Fingering “Black”
  • #05 Open Front Cardigan by Rosemary Drysdale – Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July – LK150
  • Tablet weaving band from a chart in Card Weaving by Candace Crockett – Nazli Gelin Garden 3 in black, red, yellow, and white – on a tablet weaving loom from chuckjones on Etsy, which doesn’t appear to be a shop on that platform anymore
  • Half Square Triangle Quilt – part of the HST QAL – finished!
  • So Sew Easy – Easy Serger Scrap Catcher – I think I found this for free on Craftsy. Used some interfaced quilting cotton. I found most of the tutorial to be easy to follow, but towards the end it started to lack in details. Not a big deal because I’ve sewn enough rectangles to see how they should fit together, but I don’t think that this was the best way to assemble these pieces.
  • Sew Much Ado – Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths Tutorial – Really liked this one. It’s super easy and is a well explained tutorial.
  • 5 out of 4 Patterns Pajama Pants – Rebels fabric
  • Pumpkin drop spindling handspun – mystery stash – Turtle Made Turkish Spindle



  • Granny Stripe Blanket by Lucy/Attic24 – Size G/4.25mm hook marling Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Black with a magic ball of Legacy Fiber Artz minis
  • Marled Magic Shawl by Stephen West – US 6/4.0 mm – scrap yarns and old handspun
  • Jyn Erso socks – Must Stash Yarns self striping – US 0/2.0 mm needles – vanilla socks with after through heels
  • Pumpkin Patch handspun – singles done for the #pumpkinMAL
  • Fall mini-batts drop spindling – with new Turtle Made top whorl drop spindle
  • Ritual Dyes Knitting Backpack knock off – Gabby/OUAC and Lauren/Colorwheel Yarns both had these knitting backpacks from Ritual Dyes, which are really well made and lovely and you should absolutely buy one if you have the money and want one. It seemed like a cool idea and I have some additions that I want to play with, so I took some measurements and started a pattern draft to work out my own.



  • Cotton Cone – Eight – Two Valley Fibers Corp
  • Knit Picks Comfy Fingering
  • Wool Cone mill leftovers
  • Non-SW Wool leftover
  • Nettle Grove 45% Cotton/28% Linen/12% Nettle Fiber
  • Queensland Collection United 55% Lambswool/45% Cotton
  • Hempathy Cotton/Hemp/Modal blend
  • Classic Elite Yarns Bella Lino 58% linen/26% viscose/16% cotton
  • Classic Elite Yarns Firefly 75% viscose/25% cotton


Rhinebeck Recap

  • Needles Up
    • Classy Squid Fiber Co – Quoth V.1 and Quote V.2 batts, Cuttlefish no 33
  • Rhinebeck Day 1
    • Clemes & Clemes Walnut Orifice hook
  • Rhinebeck Day 2
    • Cat’s View Farm – Soap “Cookies”
    • Dragonfly Fibers – Djinni (80% SW Merino/ 10% cashmere/ 10% nylon) in Spooky


Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching:

  • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Coco
  • The Great Interior Design Challenge
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2
  • The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell – like a Halloween Henson Martha Stewart
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • The Worst Witch

Stuff I’m Listening To:

  • Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials by Marilynne K. Roach (audiobook) narr by Kate Reading
  • Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (audiobook)
  • Under Pressure – Fictional audiolog of Dr. Jamie MacMillan-Barrie while aboard a deep sea research facility – mostly related to the interpersonal relationships with the crew and personal musings
  • The Ghoul Gang – Like My Favourite Murder for ghost stories.
  • The Ghost Radio Project – Fiction podcast, post-societal collapse pirate radio drifters



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Buffalo Linen Stitch Cowl



This past October I had the pleasure of talking to some of the folks at The Buffalo Wool Co at Stitches East. It’s a really cool company that sells some really interesting bison wool and bison wool blend yarns and fiber. The yarn itself is a little pricey because of how unusual it is, but I knew I had to try some of it. I bought a Splash of Color collection of Buffalo Skies (50% bison, 50% wool) mini-skeins and made up this linen stitch cowl.

And because I really enjoyed how it came out, I wrote up the pattern. You can find my Buffalo Linen Stitch Cowl for free on Ravelry!

Pattern: Buffalo Linen Stitch Cowl

Needles: US 5 – 3.75 mm circular needles

YarnThe Buffalo Wool Co – Splash of Color – Buffalo Skies mini-skeins

Edited to Add 3/1/15: It looks like my Ravelry page is having problems actually providing the PDF link. I uploaded everything the way the pattern publishing guides told me to and I’ve reported the problem with the page, but until that gets cleared up, you can find the pattern here under the Downloads menu item.

Edited to Add 3/4/15: Pretty sure I’ve fixed the Ravelry page! Go on over to Ravelry and check it out!