Episode 73: April 2020 (More or Less)

990 AD Salazar Slytherin

  • Tablet weaving sampling
    • Theloomybin.com
      • 3 Strand Braid Pattern – didn’t work out
    • Card Weaving by Candace Crockett
      • Ram’s horn pattern – think I’m going to use for decorative trim at the neck of the tunic
      • Empty slot pattern – possibly to be used for hose garters, but I need some practice with this technique (where not all the holes in the cards have yarn through them, so there should be a weft pattern showing)
      • Combo narrow bands pattern – possibly for hem trim on the tunic or a belt, with some added columns – the pattern I wanted showed up on the “wrong” side? I’m going to try this again and reverse the threaded of the cards
      • Simple alternating thread sample – another belt possibility or hose garter possibility – easy to weave and easy to keep even

Other Stuff

Stuff I’m Watching:

  • Letter to the King – fantasy show on Netflix
  • Luna Nera – Italian show about witches on Netflix
  • RQ Streams – The twitch.tv game streaming channel from Rusty Quill (Also, back content on YouTube)
  • Detective Anna – Russian show set in the late 19th century about a young woman who can see ghosts and solves mysteries

Stuff I’m Listening To: 

Stuff I’m Playing:

  • Firewatch – story game, where you play Henry who takes a position as a firewatch person in Wyoming and have to solve a mystery – Steam, played on the Mac mini
  • Journey – exploratory story game, there’s no dialogue and the whole thing is told via the visuals and sound – PS4
  • Machinarium – point and click puzzle game featuring junky robots – Android
  • Life is Strange – story game, you play a young woman named Max who’s a photographer in college. There’s time travel, which is fun, but there’s a lot of dark, real-life type stuff in this game, so look up content warnings before playing if you are concerned about that. – PS4
  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Adventure game a la Tomb Raider – PS4
  • Flower – by the same company as Journey, you play a flower petal on the wind and you make flowers bloom, but there’s a sort of backstory that’s told through the setting – PS4
  • Chuchel – point and click puzzle game featuring funny monsters, by the same company as Machinarium – Android
  • Revisiting Star Wars: Dark Forces – first person shooter – basically Doom reskinned into Star Wars – Steam, PC – the only game I can currently play on my PC, at the moment
  • Revisiting Fallen London – choose your own adventure, mostly text with some illustration, dark fantasy alternate history – browser game

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