Episode 34: Accidental Fade

Life Stuff

  • Politics - ACLU newsletter action calls to send emails to relevant parties regarding policy (senators, house reps, etc), 5calls.org gives you a script to read from when calling your reps regarding issues important to you
  • Snow day~! About 18” in one day after a day with record high February temps (about 60F, 15.5C) And it’s snowing again today!
  • Crochet Tutorial Videos -  Made a playlist of my videos
  • Snow Day Shawl by Mina Philipp Giveaway! And the winner is.... Post # 12 ndkinyon (Nicole)!
  • Blanket MAL 2017 - Started Jan 1st! There is a chatter/encouragement thread up in the Ravelry group and I’m planning on pulling prizes once a quarter for this MAL. #2017BlanketMAL

Knitting Stuff


  • Cobblestone Socks by Mina Philipp - US 0/2.00 mm DPNs - Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet
  • Rey Striped Socks - Must Stash Yarns “Rey” - US 0/2.0 mm circulars - Susan B Anderson’s heel from Smooth Operator Socks
  • Afterthought Everything Socks - US 0/2.0 mm needles - Biscotte Yarns “Gazania”


  • Rainbow Dangling Conversations Shawl - pattern by Mindy Ross - US 3/ 3.25 mm needles
  • Re-WIP - R2-D2 Socks - Must Stash Yarns “R2-D2” - US 0/2.0 mm circulars - Susan B Anderson’s heel from the Smooth Operator Socks pattern

Planning - Find Your Fade Shawl by Andrea Mowry

  • Once Upon a Corgi - Audrey base - "But It Could Kill You"
  • Once Upon a Corgi - Audrey base - "His Name is Shirley"
  • Once Upon a Corgi - Audrey base - "Coconut Cream Cake"
  • Legacy Fiber Artz - Steel Toes base - "Sweater Weather"
  • Voolenvine Yarns - Footsie base - "Mooncusser"
  • Into the Whirled - Pakokku Sock base - Kettle dyed "Heirloom Ornamental"
  • Mountain Colors - Bearfoot base - "Pinecone"

Crochet Stuff


  • HDC Scrap Blanket Worsted - US H/8 - 5mm hook

Fiber Stuff

  • Brown Cormo sweater spin on Ashford Kiwi 2
  • Burgis Brook Alpaca - 90/10 Alpaca/silk - Turkish spindle

Sewing Stuff

  • Sewing zippers into crochet pouches

New Stuff

  • Junkyarn - Smooth Sock 75/25 Merino/Nylon- “Jyn Erso”
  • 2 Skeins Mountain Top by Classic Elite Yarns - Mohawk Wool - 60% Merino 30% Romney 10% Nylon

Other Stuff

  • Stuff I'm Watching - Clone Wars
  • Stuff I'm Reading -
    • Rereading Ashlesha by Jer Keene - book 1 of the Awaken the Stars series - Amazon and Altered Nature Press alterednaturepress.org
    • Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden (audio) narr by Marc Thompson
    • Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague by John Whitman
  • Fanfic Recommendation -
    • Old Man Luke by scarletjedi
    • Old man Luke Skywalker ends up back during the Clone Wars and while saving a child from a crashing droid fighter, he comes to the attention of Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

Tutorial: Reading Charts

Crochet Basics 

Chart Symbols (1:35)
How to Draw a Chart (3:25)
     Reading a Chart Worked Flat (6:28 9:53 15:56)
     Reading a Chart in the Round (13:22)